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The himac High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge established reputations as a standard model in the global market.

CR-G series have taken over its reliability and are featuring various advanced functions with high performance. In addition, CR-G series have been designed for easy to use and environment-friendly than ever.

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[list]  [*] Improved Accel/Decel Time - Max. 3 times Faster  [*] PWM (pulse width modulation) motor control has realized substantial reduction in acceleration and deceleration time  [*] Acceleration and deceleration time of CR-G series with large capacity rotor has improved max. 3 times faster than the one of our former models of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge  [*] Reducing running time contributes to energy saving and reducing CO2  [*] Energy Saving  [*] Acceleration and Running at set speed  [*] Reduced electricity consumption substantially by IGBT inverter  [*] himac regenerative braking system re-generates max.40% electricity used for acceleration and running  [*] It reduces heat radiation into the room and is high efficient for energy saving  [*] Self-Locking Rotor System  [*] Hitachi Koki is a pioneer to introduce Self-Locking Rotor System in Centrifuges  [*] Just placing a rotor onto the drive shaft  [*] No need to fix the rotor by screw or push the button to lock or unlock the rotor  [*] Automatic rotor identification (PAT.)  [*] Optimized running condition is automatically adjusted. (such as compensating for air friction and implement temperature control)  [*] Advanced Technology  [*] Non-Contact Imbalance Protection (PAT.)  [*] Continuous measurement of oscillation over the entire rpm range  [*] The system immediately detects abnormal vibrations and stops rotation  [*] Actual Control of Net Run-Time(PAT.)  [*] The timer starts when the set speed is attained by himac original actual run timer function  [*] Enables to obtain high-reproducibility separation  [*] Maintaining temperature inside chamber room at low temperature with preventing from icing, in order to reach target temperature shortly  [/list]


Height1144 mm (panel opened)
Length 810 mm
Weight300 kg
Maximum Speed22000 rpm
Width752 mm

Additional Specifications

[list]  Drive motor: High-torque brushless high-frequency motor  Temp. Control Range: -20 to +40 degreeC  Accel/Decel Mode Accel: 9 modes / Decel : 9 modes, free deceleration  Refrigerator: 1.5kW ( Coolant : R404a)  Power requirements: Single phase, AC 220/230/240V±10%, 30A, 50/60Hz  [/list]

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