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a month ago


Does anyone know what ERROR E31 MOTOR OVERTEMP means for the Sorvall Legend XT centrifuge.  Bad brushes? Problem with the control board or a temperature probe?  Any troubleshooting recommendations would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Equipment: Sorvall Legend XT centrifuge

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[list]      [*] Exceptional Capacity - Process up to 40 x 50 ml conical tubes (40% more) in a swinging bucket rotor, or up to 14 x 50 ml (100% more) in fixed angle configuration, for significantly increased capacity over competitive models in the same bench space.      [*] Unmatched Versatility - The broadest range of rotors and adapters available in the industry, with a minimum of 16 rotor configurations, enables your lab to meet all processing needs.      [*] Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency - Experience up to 40% energy consumption savings* on industry standard protocols, such as blood separation or conical tubes processing.      [*] Compact, Ergonomic Design - Compact dimensions, ergonomic height and curved design ensure comfortable and space-efficient workspace.      [*] Advanced Programmable Controls - Improve sample protection with detailed operation information to maximize run performance. Ensure temperature accuracy and control between -10° and +40°C, supported by our double temperature control system which displays the air temperature in the chamber, as well as the sample temperature, for ultimate control of the sample temperature during the run.      [*] Auto-Lock® III Rotor System - Secure locking system delivers quick and easy rotor installation and exchange with just the push of a button. Easy chamber access for cleaning convenience and reduced contamination risk ultimately delivers improved research and a healthier working environment.           [*] ClickSeal® Bucket Sealing System - The innovative biocontainment solution, certified by CAMR* in Porton Down, UK, provides simple operation for all laboratory users, eliminating screw caps and complicated clips.           [*] SMARTSpin® Technology - For maximum safety and improved separations, an advanced rotor management system optimizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor and bucket option.           [*] Motorized Lid Latch - This innovative technology enables one finger downward motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid – even on tall benches – with optional automatic lid opening.      [/list]

Additional Specifications

[list]      [u]Swinging Bucket[/u]      Max Capacity: 4 x 750 ml (w/ TX-750 and BIOLiner rotors)           Max Speed (rpm): 6000 (w/ BIOShield 1000A rotor)            Max RCF (xg): 7164 (w/ BIOShield 1000A rotor)                       [u]Fixed Angle Rotors[/u]      Max Capacity: 6 x 250 ml (w/ F14-6x250LE rotor) 15200           Max Speed (rpm): (w/ 48x2 ml rotor) 25314           Max RCF (xg): (w/ 48x2 ml rotor)                       Control System: Microprocessor            Rotor Locking: Auto-Lock III            Programs: 99 (5 direct access)      [/list]

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