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Portability, performance & durability

No matter where you take it, the durable, dedicated 2/4 channel NeuroMax CE System gathers accurate electrodiagnostic data, prints reports, take care of your patient, and focus on the clinical picture. NeuroMax CE canbe used “right out of the box” thanks to its simple design and intuitive interface. NeuroMax CE provides a complete suite of advanced tools that ensures you can stay focused on your patient& improve productivity.

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8 years ago
Neuromax 2002 EMG machine; how to save files on USB

I am trying to move my EMG data/ waveforms from hard-drive to USB. I have tried several diffrent brands, and system error pops up" this does not have enough space"

can someone help me with their experience/ Thanks.



9 years ago
new to neuromax

my neuromax xltek 1004 does not provide stimulus to patient. What could I be doing wrong with this machine if stimulator plugged in and appears operational.?




9 years ago
how do I transfer settings from one Xltek Neuromax 1002 to another by floppy drive?

I have transferred setting (labels, names of EMG suites) from one 1002 machine to another via floppy drive in the past but the manufacturer is now telling us it can't be done.  Does anyone out there know how?


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  • Has no internal moving parts; no disk drives or other moving  components that can wear out or fail over time. It is the only 100% solid-state EMG system available!    
  • Is strong, lightweight and designed to withstand the test of time.    
  • Only the highest grade of impact-resistant PC+ABS resin is used to house NeuroMax CE and its preamplifier.    
  • Is now almost 3 lbs (1.5 kg) lighter than previous generations.    
  • Features buttons/keys of extremely high quality, designed for 20 million operations.    
  • Features a keyboard strengthened with metal posts for improved rigidity & feel.    
  • For the clinician on-the-go, portability is a top priority. The NeuroMax CE system is the only portable EMG ready to be used right out of the box.

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