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Urine Analyzer

The Iris Diagnostics iQ®200 Sprint Automated Urine Microscopy Analyzer (iQ200 Sprint) is the newest addition to the iQ200 Series. The analyzer uses digital imaging and Auto-Particle Recognition (APR™) software to classify urine particles into 12 categories and quantitatively report results. The iQ200 Sprint eliminates most technologist time used to prepare and interpret urine particle images by automating specimen preparation, image recognition and interpretation. With 101 samples per hour processing speed it allows for faster throughput and turn around times freeing up technologists required for more skilled tasks. Automated flow imaging analysis also provides a visual result as is found in standard microscopic analysis. The iQ200 Sprint can function as a stand-alone microscopy analyzer or as part of the iQ200 Sprint Automated Urinalysis System with the AUTION MAX™ AX-4280 Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
3 months ago
Iris iQ200 Sprint
Iris iQ200 Sprint Reply


5 years ago
IQ200 sprint



6 years ago
Linearity setting

Actual result for RBC produced on the Iris Elite is sent to our Cerner LIS system.  I would like to change the settings so that RBC results of 183/HPF or greater is sent to the LIS as >182/HPF.  This linearity setting is set in our Cerner LIS system and the Iris IQ200 works fine, but for some reason it does not work on the Iris Elite.   How can I make these changes?    



Iris iQ200 Sprint


  • Specimen preparation and sampling
  • Image recognition and classification Auto-Particle Recognition (APR™) counts and classifies 12 particles RBC WBC WBC clumps Squamous epithelial cells Non-squamous epithelial cells Hyaline casts Unclassified Casts Crystals Yeast Bacteria Sperm Mucus 
  • Quantitative report collates Chemistry and Microscopy results on the monitor screen Review/Release Options Auto-release based on user-defined criteria Operator review of an on-screen visual display of results based on user-defined threshold values prior to release Operator review of images for sub-classification, if necessary Pathological casts Non-squamous epithelial cells Crystals Yeast Other Images Maybe exported for remote consultation May be copied to CD disk for training purposes May be sub-classified, if necessary Unclassified casts Granular Cellular Waxy Broad RBC WBC Epithelial cell Fatty Crystals Calcium oxalate Triple phosphate Calcium phosphate Uric acid Calcium carbonate Leucine Cystine Tyrosine Amorphous Non-squamous Epithelial Cells Renal epithelial Transitional epithelial Yeast Budding yeast Yeast with pseudohyphae Other RBC Clumps Fat Oval fat bodies Trichomonas

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