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Urine analyzer

A fully automated, benchtop instrument designed for high-volume urine testing, using Siemens' proven technology in dry-pad urine chemistry analysis.

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-beach medical
8 years ago
Atlas Channel 7 wet calibration error

Unit fails calibration. Siemens solution is to replace the very expensive rotary receiver board. We need a cost effective solution!

Help please



-beach medical
8 years ago
Atlas Channel 7 wet calibration error

We have at least 6 instruments that are failing to pass calibration and coming up with a channel 7 wet calibration error.  We know that Siemens solution is to replace the rotorary receiver board- which is very expensive.  As that option is not financially fesible for us, does anyone have a work-around for this delemma? 

Thanks for your input!



9 years ago
Interface pin configuration

What is the pin configuration for the interface on the Clinitek Atlas ?



  • Liquid ready-to use calibration material ensures accuracy
  • Minimizes lot variability
  • Easy to Learn and Operate
  • Adjusts automatically to sample volume
  • Reduces time to prepare samples for testing
  • Continuous reagent roll offers high reliability of strip transport 
  • Load 490 tests at 1 time for optimized reagent replacement time 
  • Roll format minimizes reagent handling


Height26 in
Length 25.5 in
Weight130 lbs
Width28.5 in

Additional Specifications

  • Throughput: 1 sample every 16 seconds
  • Sample Capacity: 10 samples per rack

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