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Hematology Analyzer 

An all-in-one validation system entirely dedicated to whole blood.  Up to 3 instruments to the same validation station simultaneously: Optimized laboratory organization. Manage 3 analyzers at the same time.  Centralized hematological operations. All-inclusive management of your hematology procedures from 200 to 2000 samples per day. Retrieval of full worklist analysis requests. Full consolidation of results. Reflex testing capability

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  • Hematology-dedicated QC (multi-level management and collection of lots, presentation of results line by line, XB, Repeatability, Levey-Jennings graphs, etc.)
  • Simultaneous viewing of your controls at 3 different levels
  • Connectivity with your inter-laboratory comparison program
  • Inter-runs comparisons whatever the instrument (same technology shared across the product range)
  • Reagent standardization
  • Control & calibrator compatible
  • Sharing of identical rules between the central laboratory and all the satellite laboratories
  • Comprehensive catalogue of integrated and customizable multi-criteria rules (validation, re-runs, reflex testing, printing, comments, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Management of complementary reflex testing: Blood counts (Reticulocytes, Erythroblasts), cytology (manual slides or HemaCAM)
  • ISLH diagnostic analysis guidelines
  • Support for manual validation with centralization of key information (manual and instrument results, anteriority, cell pictures, etc.)
  • Display of current and previous runs
  • Matrix monitoring of pathology evolution
  • Automatic multi-criteria validation of results: Qualitative, Quantitative, Delta check, Demographics, Physician, Comments, etc.
  • Priority given to Delta check

Additional Specifications

  • LCD 20 inch
  • On-line memory capacity 25,000 results + graphics100,000 results (without graphics)
  • Optional HEMA cam network card 24 inch screen
  • Processor Pentium® 3.0 GHz

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