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The Sorvall RC-6 Plus is a compact superspeed centrifuge. Available with a diverse range of metal and composite rotors, capable of supporting sample formats ranging from microtubes (0.5 ml) up to 1-L volumes, the RC-6 Plus offers researchers the broadest array of accessories to meet their separation needs.   
The Sorvall® RC-6 Plus superspeed centrifuge combines superior functionality, unparalleled safety and traditional Sorvall reliability in a compact, user-friendly design. Offering 4-L, capacity and speeds of up to 22,000 rpm (55,200 xg), the RC-6 Plus is a high-productivity solution that delivers maximum throughput and minimum maintenance.

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-Alpana Pandit
10 days ago
Needs Spare Part to purchase
We want to purchase new control board against old defective control board , marking as CR-K Control Board S101949/2 for Sorvall RC 6 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge

Equipment: Sorvall RC6 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge



3 months ago
getting Rotor No. error despite correct code entered
Our RC6+ is giving the "Rotor No." error despite the correct code being entered. We have tried two rotors and get the same problem. The centrifuge will not run due to this. How does it sense which rotor is present and how can we correct this?Reply


a year ago
what is difference between RC6 and RC6 Plus?
We have a RC6 centrifuge that when started up the screen reads RC6 Plus. Is the difference between RC6 and Plus just programming?Reply
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  • Unparalleled Safety - Non bolt-down design: Allows the centrifuge to be placed within the lab without being anchored it to the floor–while still meeting CE and CSA safety requirements 

  • Versatility - Broadest selection of rotors: Expands applications and offers broadest choices of SUPER-LITE composite, SUPER-LITE aluminum, and continuous-flow rotors 

  • Cost-effective - Compatible with all RC-6 and most RC-5 -series centrifuge rotors. 

    Advanced Functionality 

  • Intuitive controls and dual display - Allows easy operation by all users and dual display of set and actual parameters allows to real-time monitor the run progression 

  • RPM/RCF Control - Allows set and operation directly in RCF mode without the need for RPM to RCF conversion charts 

  • GMP/GLP- Compatible Data Management - Offers traceability and quality control for Biotech/ Pharmaceutical processing needs 

  • Programmability - 30 program memory allows common protocols to be stored and retrieved easily, and offers flexibility in a multi-user environment 

  • Controlled-Access - This password-protected, software-enabled feature can limit access to authorized users in a multi-user environment 

  • Step-mode Runs - Provides applications flexibility 

  • Real Time Control - Set up a delayed-start and -stop run to have sample ready when user is available 

  • Integrator (w2t) - Offers run-to-run reproducibility 

  • Pre-Cool Function - Use the centrifuge to pre-cool rotors


Height1132 mm
Length 835 mm
Weight350 kg
Maximum Speed22000 rpm
Width752 mm

Additional Specifications

    Accel/decel: 9 acceleration, 10 deceleration profiles       
    Speed control accuracy: + 25 rpm       
    Temperature control: +2 to +40 °C       
    Temperature accuracy: +2 °C       
    Ambient temperature range: 15 – 40 °C       

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