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The Getinge 5618 Warming Cabinet is designed for the warm storage of saline solutions and/or blankets used in the care of patients

The Getinge 5618 Warming Cabinet is designed for the warm storage of saline solutions and/or blankets used in the care of patients in areas such as surgery, recovery, OB/GYN, ICU or ER. A unique 18'' deep recessed warming cabinet with "look-in" tempered glass doors into two separate, independently controlled, convection heated chambers. Ideal for installation along with recessed stainless steel OR cabinets. Temperature range in each compartment is adjustable from 90°F (32°C) to 160°F (71°C) and is provided with a "lock-in" feature to prevent unauthorized changes to the temperature settings.

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5 months ago
Not getting warm enough

Cabinet is not getting warm; it says temp is over 120 but the blankets are lukewarm. Where would i test the heating element at the circuit board or the heating element itself?



5 years ago
Top not heating
Cabinet is not heating, im thinking thermofuse or heater, any suggestions/ part #s?Reply


6 years ago
Do you have a service manual
Getinge will not sell to a 3rd party service company, do you offer a Service Manual (not user)Reply


[*] "Look-In" glass doors provide visual inventory control without opening doors [*] Large internal volume for storage of solution bottles and blankets [*] Forced air convection heating is more effective and eliminates the need for blanket racks [*] Independent heat control provides flexibility of different temperatures in each compartment [*] Programmable for °F and °C display [*] Supervisory "Lock-In" of temperature set point prevents unauthorized changes of temperature [*] Non-volatile memory protects temperature settings in the event of a power loss [*] An LED display will alert operator of an interruption or power loss [*] Overheat protection will shut the heaters off and provide an audible alarm for the operators [*] Adjustable shelves provided to accommodate various types of loads [*] Mounting options include floor mounted on a pedestal base, wall mounted or recessed in a wall

Additional Specifications

Dimensions Exterior: 30'' (762mm)W x 60'' (1524mm)H x 18''.7 (457mm)D Interior: Upper: 26'' (660mm)W x 13'' 1(330mm)H x 16.7'' (425mm)D Lower: 26'' (660mm)W x 40'' (1016mm)H x 16.7'' (425mm)D Capacity Upper Compartment: volume: 2.9 ft3 (83 L) 15 two-liter flasks or equivalent dry goods. Lower Compartment: volume: 9.8 ft3 (276 L) 45 two-liter flasks or equivalent dry goods. Total useable volume: 12.7 ft3 (359 L)

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