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The FC 500 System provides automated tube based acquisition for cell based assays.

The FC 500 System provides automated tube based acquisition for cell based assays. Utilizing powerful CXP software, investigators can create custom panel reports and perform multiple tube panel based analysis. The automated QC database allows daily monitoring of instrument QC.

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5 years ago
doublet discrimination
We would like to perform doublet discrimination on our machine but cannot find a peak signal option in our list to assign to AUX parameter. How we can find it? Thanks a lot.Reply


11 years ago

when analyzing blood, is the the event number acquired by FC500 equal to the cell number?



12 years ago
flow rates

i want to ask about the flow rate per minute in this device, what are the low ,medium and high flow rates equel to(how many ml per min)



More Flexibility for Your Cytometry Applications.    [*] The Cytomics FC 500 Series is a sophisticated product family equipped with the most advanced technologies available.    [*] The FC 500 Series delivers flexible testing, powerful software and a user-friendly interface— features that help scientists optimize their overall workflow efficiency while maintaining true cost effectiveness.    [*] Plus, each FC 500 Series system is backed by Beckman Coulter's unsurpassed reputation for quality and service.              Precise, Flexible Analysis Every Time.    [*] Designed for powerful performance and unmatched simplicity Conducts 5-color analysis from either single or dual laser excitation    [*] Improves efficiency by enabling scientists to analyze more antibodies per tube than ever before on an automated system Gives investigators the power to expertly manage every aspect of their flow cytometry studies with the revolutionary CXP software              Increased Flexibility with Two Lasers and Multiple Fluorochromes.    [*] Equipped with a collinear second laser that maintains a stable alignment with a single beam path and allows greater versatility in antibody and fluorochrome choices. [*]Provides versatility to use either PC5 or APC as the fluorochrome for FL4 in multicolor immunophenotyping applications.    [*] Eliminates the need for time delay calculations and the challenges associated with spacially-separated beams.    [*] Wavelength independent detectors facilitate application development           Simplified Multicolor Analysis with Advanced Digital Compensation (ADC.) [*] [*] Beckman Coulter's ADC technology provides superior correction of spectral overlap and more accurate results. With ADC technology, biological samples can be used for automated color compensation, without the limitations of latex beads.    [*] Only Beckman Coulter flow cytometers offer patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for excellent linearity, drift-free amplification and color compensation.              The FC 500 with ADC also enables investigators to    [*] Perform digital signal processing with 20-bit data in real-time.    [*] Obtain fast, intuitive compensation feedback to set or fine-tune compensation manually with the QuickCOMP feature.    [*] Increase the visualization of low intensity fluorescence populations       [*] To accommodate numerous configurations, the FC 500's user changeable filters provide fluorochrome selection flexibility. Customized Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs) detect a broad range of wavelength emissions, which can be used for virtually any dye excited by 488 or 635 nm lasers.              Five-Color Analysis From A Single Laser Has Never Been Easier.    [*] Only the FC 500 can be used with a variety of fluorochromes to analyze five colors (FITC, PE, ECD, PC5 or APC and PC7) using either one or two lasers. Investigators could also use Beckman Coulter's IOTest multicolor reagents and drop in their choice of additional conjugated antibodies to make their own combinations.     [*] Performs five-dimensional automated phenotyping analysis with Prism, a unique data reduction display allowing analysis of up to 32 individual phenotypes in a single plot.    [*] Extends multicolor analysis to utilize the full visible emission spectra, which further boosts the level of flexibility that can be achieved


Height24 in
Length 35 in
Weight187 lbs
Width39 in

Additional Specifications

LASERS        • Uniphase Argon ion, 488nm, 20mW output        • Coherent Red Solid State Diode, 635nm, 25mW output        FLOW CELL        150 ·450 micron rectangular channel BioSense enhanced optics quartz mounted with vertical (upwards) flow path for superior hydrodynamic focusing        USER-INTERCHANGEABLE OPTICAL FILTERS        • Band Pass (BP): 525nm, 575nm, 620nm, 675nm, 755nm        • Dichroic Long Pass (DL): 488nm, 550nm, 600nm, 710nm        • Dichroic Short Pass (DS): 615nm, 645nm        • Long Pass (LP): 500nm        • Short Pass (SP): 620nm        DETECTORS        • Forward Scatter Detector – Solid state detector with Patented Fourier design providing integrated dual collection angle selection.        • Side Scatter Detector – High performance photodiode        • Fluorescent Detectors – High performance photomultipliers with spectral sensitivity from 185nm-900nm        FLOW RATES        Continuous pressure is applied to the sample tube based on user selected flow rates.        • Low, Medium and High        SENSITIVITY & RESOLUTION        • Resolves 0.5µm diameter particles from background noise, with maximum detection up to 40µm diameter particles        • < 600 MESF for FITC*        • < 300 MESF for PE*        • < 600 MESF for APC**        * When measured with Spherotech™Rainbow Calibration particles and IsoFlow™Sheath Fluid        ** When measured with Linear Flow Beads from Molecular Probes        DETECTOR PARAMETERS/DATA ACQUISITION        Up to 16 parameters including Auxiliary, Prism, Time, and Ratio can be acquired simultaneously from a possible 24 available parameters        • Forward Scatter – linear, log, and peak        • Side Scatter – linear, log, and peak        • PMT1-PMT5- linear, log, and peak        • One Auxiliary (AUX) signal assignable to any linear or peak signal        • Time        • Ratio (derived parameter)        • PRISM (derived parameter)        • Four Decade logarithmic Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of linear FS, SS, FL1-FL5 data        THROUGH PUT AND ACQUISITION RATES        Throughput is linked to various items such as the number of events acquired, flow rate, sample concentration, target population, sampling mode and parameters acquired. Maximum acquisition rate is 3,300 events/sec.        SAMPLE HANDLING        Biohazard contained wash station rinses sample probe preventing carryover        • 12 ·75mm glass or plastic tubes        • Single tube sampling mode        • 32 tube Multi Carousel Loader (MCL)        • The MCL patented design vortexes each tube individually before sample acquisition        • The MCL uses a visible Class II laser reader operating at 670nm with a maximum power output of 1mW, for use with Interleaved 2-of-5, Code 39®, Codabar, Code 128 bar codes       CARRYOVER        Scatter and fluorescence carryover < 1% when the number of gated events is between 100 and 10,000        CXP SOFTWARE        • Unlimited histogram displays per sample        • One parameter histograms have 1,024 channel resolution        • Two parameter histograms graphical resolution: 64 ·64, 128 ·128, 256 ·256, 512 ·512 channel resolution        • 256 regions (contour, elliptical, linear, polygonal, quadrant, rectilinear) are available per protocol with up to 32 available for gating regions        • Up to 8 regions can be combined to make a gate        • Real time data analysis and gating        • Real time and listmode compensation using 20-bit data (220 channel resolution)        • Storage of both compensated and un- compensated data        • Stop counts available for all histograms        • Auto or User defined scaling        • Positive analysis for automatically setting regions on control tubes        • User definable statistics        • Single platform absolute counts using FlowCount™fluorospheres        • Elliptical autogating with 3 selectable levels        • Contour autogating with 5 selectable levels        • ColorGate Precedence and Color Blend mode color event analysis        • AutoPrime event monitoring during sample acquisition        • QuickCOMP direct visual histogram adjustment of cytometer color compensation        • Minimal Event Counter for use with rare event collection        • Worklist function for specimen labeling, with positive specimen identification when using barcoding        • Multi-file analysis, including batch automator,listmode compensation, overlay analysis plot, surface and Tomogram displays        • Customizable FlowPage for reporting with automated pdf or printer output        • Full QC Application including Automated Levey Jenning Analysis and IQAP Reports        • Data management for automatic file archival        • FCS 3.0 file format        • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office as well as print directly to PDF files        OPTIONAL SOFTWARE        • CXP analysis software        • Multi-user analysis packages: 3-, 5- or 10-user/network-user packages        • tetraCXP Software        OPERATING SYSTEM        • Microsoft®Windows™2000        WORK STATION        • Pentium®Intel®4 3.0 Ghz processor (minimum specification)        • System Bus 800 MHz        • 512MB RAM        • 40GB Hard Drive        • Dual Display Video Card        • 700MB RW CD-ROM (48/24/48X)        • On-board SCSI Controller        • 4 USB ports, 2 USB controllers        • Integrated Enhanced AC'97 Audio        • Integrated Gigabit Fast Ethernet        (Intel 82547)        OPTIONAL HARDWARE ACCESSORIES        • Bar code gun        • Optics filter kit        • Color and black & white printers        MONITOR        • 17” flat screen display (1280 ·1024 maximum resolution)        INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS        Environmental operating temperature 16°-32°C (60°- 90°F)        DIMENSIONS        Allow sufficient space for ventilation, and access for maintenance and service:        Cytometer        ~ 30.5 cm (12 in.) from the back        ~ 45.7 cm (18 in.) from the top        ~ 30.5 cm (12 in.) on both sides        Power Supply        ~ 12.7 cm (5 in.) from the back        UTILITY CONNECTIONS        Four 50/60Hz lines:        ~ 100VAC, 25A        ~ 115VAC, 20A        ~ 220VAC, 15A        ~ 240VAC, 15A

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