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Whether harvesting cells, separating blood components or other general separations

You can simplify your processes and save time with the Allegra® X-12 Series Benchtop Centrifuges. Offering a maximum capacity of 4 x 750 mL, these centrifuges specialize in streamlining cell and general separations.

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2 years ago
T-1 temperature error
Machine got left on one night(not running, to my knowledge) and the next day this error code was on the display. What steps should be taken to troubleshoot this issue? Unable to clear the fault, so something is clearly wrong.Reply


-shan ahmad
2 years ago
memory error
When the centrifuge is turned on, it boots up and displayes the model: Allegra X-12R Beckman Coulter It then displays: V112 Program: b5eb Memory: ffff It then reboots and repeats the sequence. Through the entire process none of the buttons seem to work. The door will not open, it won't pulse, enter, run, show set or anything else. Any ideas?Reply


3 years ago
Error H6 trouble shooting
How do i remove error H6 Overspeed rotor magnet verification for Allegra X-12 Reply
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[list]   [*] Save time and labor   [*] Eliminate 15 mL or 50 mL conical tubes   [*] Reduce a potential contamination step    Complete Your Run--Even with Imbalance  [*] ARIESTM Smart Balance Rotor automatically corrects for imbalance   [*] Up to 50 grams opposing loads   [*] Eye balance your samples with confidence    Save Time with a Truly Intuitive Interface  [*] Avoid scrolling   [*] User-friendly prompts   [/list]

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