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Ultracompact High-End Multilaser 16 Parameter Desktop Flow Cytometry System for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting.

Ultracompact High-End Multilaser 16 Parameter Desktop Flow Cytometry System for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting. The CyFlow® ML allows to analyze two different forward scatter signals and one side scatter in combination with up to 13 fluorescence channels.

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7 years ago
optical parameters

what are the 16 optical parameters in partec flowcytometry



Software Partec FloMax® FCM Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Windows™ based Partec FloMax® software is including multiple online gating, logical gates, and colour gating. N-colour online and offline software compensation is an other unique feature of FloMax® software. Data may be acquired with compensation or as uncompensated raw data. Either way compensation can be done, undone or changed after analysis on stored data. For data elaboration quadrant analysis, cell cycle analysis, peak analysis and other sophisticating features are available. An optional report function allows the generation and the individual design of analysis report sheets as Word or Excel documents. FloMax® data files are stored in FCS standard and therefore fully compatible to other commercial FCM data elaboration software solutions.

FloMax® software already is pre-installed on the Windows™ PC delivered as part of the CyFlow® ML system. The Partec CyFlow® ML is supplied with additional 3 offline laboratory licenses free of charge, offering a cost-effective solutions also for working groups with need for offline FCM analysis software installations.

Options Flexible and Modular Options and Upgrades for Partec CyFlow® ML Up to five light sources (e. g. laser light sources, modern high power LEDs and UV mercury arc lamp) and up to sixteen optical detectors yield an unlimited matrix of configurations for the Partec CyFlow® ML. Please contact the Partec Science and Application team for your specific requirements.

Additional Specifications

  • Compact Desktop High End Flow Cytometer
  • Dimensions
  • [cm]: L 56 x H 30 x D 65
  • up to 13 Colours, 16 Optical Parameters: 2 x FSC, SSC, FL-1 - FL-13
  • up to 5 Light Sources (red, green, yellow, blue, violet, UV lasers)
  • high power 200mW@488nm blue solid state laser optional
  • high power UV LED (365nm) for highest resolution DNA analysis optional
  • True Volumetric Absolute Counting
  • WindowsTM Vista/XP FloMax® Software for realtime data acquisition, data display and data analysis
  • 16 bit Digital Pulse Processing Board for each Parameter
  • Superior Fluorescence Sensitivity: <100 MESF (FITC) <50 MESF (PE)
  • Small Particle Detection < 200nm in both, scatter and fluorescence
  • RobbyWellTM 96-well plate sampler (optional)
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