Beckman Coulter - Allegra 64R
by Beckman Coulter

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High-Speed Centrifuge: Optimal for Subcellular Fractionation, Proteins and Viruses

Beckman Coulter's legacy for centrifuge quality and innovation encompasses more than 60 years. We apply our technology leadership not only to our instruments and rotors, but also to the design and fabrication of centrifuge bottles, tubes and adapters.

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2 years ago
Display blank
Anyone have experience in repairing the power pcb on this system Reply


4 years ago
Looking for service manual
Does anyone have the service manual for the Beckman Coulter - Allegra 64R centrifuge?Reply


8 years ago
Clearing Error 28

Our Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R centrifuge is giving an Error 28 message. Also, when I clear the error message (by leaving the centrifuge on for 45 min, then during the power off and on), it doesn't go above 200 rpm or hold a steady speed.

We've tried replacing the tachometer and rotor ID device. Is there anything else we should try?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

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[list]   [*] 64,000 x g (30,000 rpm) with fixed-angle rotor   [*] Spin tubes from 0.25 up to 85 mL   [*] Operating temperature from 2º C to 40º C   [*] Rotors certified by Porton Down UK for Biocontainment   [/list]

Additional Specifications

[list]  Run Time: 9 hr 59 min, hold    Drive: Brushless induction    Accel/Decel Rates: 10 independent profiles    Safety Features: Automatic door interlock, imbalance detector, steel barrier ring around chamber, overspeed detection, over-temperature detection, re-entrant bowl   Height, door open: 33"  [/list]

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