Sysmex - XS-1000i
by Sysmex

CBC + 5-part differenital analyzer that requires less than four feet of counter space

The XS-1000i provides rapid, reliable test results from just 20uL of sample for assistance in patient diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. It utilizes the same state-of-the-art diagnostic power and accuracy as the X-Series (XE-Series, XT-Series) of high volume analyzers with comparable results. Now you can spend less time managing equipment and handling samples and more time on the critical analytical work in your lab.

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7 months ago
connect to hostReply


a year ago
Questioning the numbered amount of manual microscopic slides we are doing?
Seems toward the end of every month we start doing extra slides. If we started doing the monthly maintenance sooner (bleaching procedure), would this decrease the number of slides we perform?Reply


a year ago
Analyzer stays on stand by mode
The CBC Analyzer is connected to the IPU (ver 00-30 built 34) via a linksys USB 2.0 /Ethernet adapter. IP address Sub mask : Gateway : DNS : & 241 The IPU is also connected to a Linksys router via a broadcom ethernet adapter. IP address Sub mask : Gateway : DNS : & 241 The router is connected to a centralization PC (to launch the analysis) How can I get the IP config of the analyzer. I tried ipconfig /all command on the IPU, but the pannel only shows the 2 ethernet adapter config installed on the IPU (both pings ok) When I switch on the analyzer at request of the PC, the red led of the analyzer remains on red and there is no reaction from it ? Does someone have an explanation for this ?Reply


• Effective diagnostic capabilities utilizing
fluorescent flow cytometry
• CBC and 5-part differential
• Simplicity in operation for streamlined workflow
• Standardization across Sysmex platform
• Proven reliability as a member of the X-Family
of products

  • For better reliability, longer life and more efficiency the XS-1000i utilizes an avalanche photodiode with a small laser bench and integrated electronic boards. * For enhanced diagnostics, WBC cell populations are measured using fluorescent flow cytometry with side scatter and side fluorescence.

Additional Specifications

Models XS-1000i    
– closed tube sampling    
XS-1000i – with auto sampler (closed tube)    
XS-1000i System Includes XS-1000i analyzer -    
12.6” W x 15.9” H x 16.3” D; 52.8 lbs.    
All in one computer/monitor    
Bar code reader    
Laser printer    
Auto sampler (optional) -    
16.7” W x 15.9” H x 24.2” D; 74.8 lbs.    
XS-1000i Specifications    
Operating System – Windows® XP    
Sample Storage – 10,000 records    
with scattergrams    
Ideal lab testing volumes –    
up to 60 CBC+DIFF/24hr    
Discrete test options – CBC or CBC+DIFF    
Common reagents and e-CHECK control as    
XE and XT-Series    
Measurement Principles RBC/PLT    
– Sheath flow direct current as on    
XE and XT-Series    
WBC – Semiconductor laser flow cytometry    
HGB – Colorimetric method (SLS)    
Testing Parameters    
CBC and 5-part differential    
21 Parameters: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT,    
BASO%, BASO#    
Single sample mode – 60 samples/hr    
Auto sampler mode – 53 sampler/hr    
Quality Control     
20 files    
L-J or X-barM measurement    
Common QC material to XE and XT-Series    
Linearity Specifications     
WBC 0 - 400 X 103 µ/L    
RBC 0 - 8.00 X 106 µ/L    
HGB 0 - 25.0 g/dl    
HCT 0 - 60%    
PLT 0 - 5,000 X 103 µ/L

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