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High-speed laboratory centrifuge for swing-out and angle rotors, programmable, with cooling

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2 months ago
Sigma 3K30 says, Drive not enabled. How can I fix the error? Reply


5 years ago
error 78

Sigma Sigma 3K30 Centrifuge is a device in my lab. Now I have a problem and it gives an error. 78 error. Can I correct the error I myself, or should I call service.



-djebar 2015
6 years ago
manual 3k30

Dear all,

Please , i need  service manual for 3k30 sigma

best regards,

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  • High-speed refrigerated bench top centrifuge for gravitational fields up to more than 60.000 × g.    
  • Maintenance-free brushless drive motor.    
  • Speed range between 100 rpm and 30.000 rpm selectable in steps of 1 rpm.    
  • Free programming of all run parameters possible.    
  • Automatic rotor identification prevents the rotor from overspeeding.    
  • Wide range of angle rotors for microliter tubes up to 85 ml capacity.    
  • A swing-out rotor is available.    
  • Efficient refrigerating machine for temperatures between –20°C and +40°C, possibility of precooling the rotors during standstill.    
  • Motorized lid lock for optimal operating convenience.    
  • Reliable drive system.    
  • Produced according to national and international safety regulations.


Maximum Speed30000 rpm
Height400 mm
Length 650 mm
Weight100 kg without rotor
Width550 mm

Additional Specifications

    Power consumption drive: 700 W    
    Power consumption refrig.: 560 W    
    Interference suppression: EN 55011/B    
    Kinetic Energy max. 43.753 Nm    
    Noise level at max. speed (approx.) :   
    - Rotor 11190 at 5.000 rpm 59 dB (A)    
    - Rotor 12158 at 26.200 rpm 64 dB (A)    
    Max. Acceleration: Rotor 11190 30 sec Rotor 12158 90 sec.    
    Max. Deceleration: Rotor 11190 14 sec. Rotor 12158 58 sec. 

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