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The ThermoStat™ 900 is a high flow, in-line, microwave, blood and fluid warmer.

“In-Line” means that fluids are heated at they flow through the IV line The T900™ is factory set to heat blood or fluids to 40°C in five seconds, regardless of the flow rate or temperature of the incoming fluid. 40°C is the actual outlet temperature of the fluid, not the temperature of a water bath or metal plate which must then by conduction, heat the fluid line (tube) and then the fluid as it passes through the tube. The core technology of the T900™ consists of three radiometers and a 900 watt magnetron connected by a patented feedback loop. The first radiometer senses the temperature of the incoming fluid. The second senses the flow rate of the fluid. The third senses the outlet temperature of the fluid as it exits the heating chamber. Given the three measurements, the machine “knows” how much power to put into the heating chamber to keep the actual outlet temperature at a constant 40°C regardless of any change in incoming temperature or flow rate. The temperature and flow rate is non-invasively sampled at 60 times per second (microwaves travel at the speed of light).

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[list]    [*] Actual Outlet Fluid Temperature - The T900™ In-Line microwave system measures and displays the actual outlet temperature of fluids. The T900™ monitors fluid temperature and flow rate non-invasively at 60 times per second providing constant uniform warming even under the wide range of fluid inlet temperatures and flow rates experienced during surgical procedures. Convection (heat transfer) fluid warmers do not allow for non-invasive measurement of the temperature of the actual fluid. They either measure the temperature of heater plates or a water bath. This method is a poor indicator of outlet fluid temperature, especially at high flow rates.    [*] Accurate Measurement of Flow Rate - Flow rate is typically measured by counting drips per time interval or by measurement of pump speed. Counting can only be done at low flow rates, and the measurement of flow by pump speed is only valid if there is no resistance to flow. Microwaves provide an accurate non-invasive measurement of fluid flow    [*] No Risk of Water Borne Infection - The T900™ microwave system is a dry system which has no risk of infection. “Contamination of a water bath (fluid warmer) with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, resulting in a fatal septicemia, has also been reported.” ~Excerpt from a Healthcare Product Comparison System Report. Water bath systems' risk of infection is compounded by their need for a thin-walled aluminum tube heat exchanger, where any crack or rupture will allow the water bath to mix with and contaminate the IV fluid or blood    [*] No Maintenance with Microwave System - Maintenance of water bath systems is labor and time intensive, making it cost prohibitive. Disinfection procedures are inadequate for eradication of bacteria. There are no costs, and maintenance is simple with the T900™ microwave system    [*] Improved Portability and Ease of Use - The T900™’s compact disposable cartridge allows for easy removal and reinsertion between any ThermoStat™ 900 units. The patient can be separated from the system without necessitating removal of the disposable from the infusion line. This is impossible in platen systems, and dangerous in water bath systems where it is necessary to disconnect the disposable from the water bath, potentially introducing contaminants    [*] Air-In–Line Detection - The T900™ microwave unit sounds and flashes a warning if there is air in the line (~1cc or greater in volume). This safety feature is built into every T900™ disposable    [*] No Turbulence of Blood - The T900™ does not need to mix the blood or fluid to heat it properly. In convection and platen systems, efficient transfer of heat requires mixing or turbulence to prevent laminar flow. In water bath high flow systems, heat is transferred from the water bath to the fluid path through the thin-walled aluminum tube which is “spiraled’ to create mixing or turbulence. Mixing or turbulence can damage blood    [*] Cost Advantage - The T900™ blood and fluid warmer and disposables cost less than other high flow devices    [*] User Friendly - If you have a minute, you can learn to set up and operate the T900™. It heats to 40°C in 5 seconds. It will continue to heat to 40°C regardless of flow rate or temperature of the incoming fluid. There is no set-up required other than normal bag spiking and line purging procedures. Other systems are bulky and difficult to set up and require significant training    [*] High Flow Rates - The T900™ enables flow rates from 16 to 970 ml/minute    [*] Flow Rate Indicator - It complements the drip chamber and features a bright LED display and Empty Cartridge alert (1cc volume).      [*] Patented Filter Vent - Filter vent gently spins fluid off its inner wall reducing turbulence while allowing air to escape the patient line through the hydrophobic filter at the top of the vent.      [*] Built in Compressor - A compressor is built into the base of the T900™ unit for easy hook-up with the atached pressure infusers.    [/list]

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