GE Healthcare - Lunar Achilles Express
Manufactured by GE Healthcare

Portable and radiation-free

The Archilles Express by GE is a compact ultrasonometer that provides a cost-effective way to evaluate the risk of fracture resulting from osteoporosis. This machine offers low precision error that makes it possible to monitor bone changes. When you buy the Achilles Express, you will be able to perform exams in very little time. It will automatically calculate the STIFFNESS Index to provide a T-score and Z-score. 
The GE Archilles Express comes equipped with an internal microcomputer that has the memory capacity for up to 100 patient results. It also has a printer that is built into the system for convenience. This system offers a compact design that requires less than 2 square feet of space. It is lightweight which allows you to transport the machine if necessary.



2 years ago
I need to buy membranes for my Lunar Achilles Express
i need to buy new membranes for my lunar achilles expressReply


3 years ago
Firmware Error
Acilles Express Version 4.25 tells on display : Firmware error, scanner update neccesary (hope the translation is correct org. in German : firmware-fehler scannerUpdate erforderlich.) any idea? Thank youReply


3 years ago
Achilles express heating issue
Hey there,i cant get my Achilles express to pass the Quality Test. Signal is perfect, but those few seconds after sendeing the signals, where the AE is saying "Testing Heating circuit", with that little clacking sound, is missing. It just says that 1 second, then deflates the membranes and says "failed".It doesnt say "X degrees" when turning on until 37degrees C either. It just says "heating off". Can I reset the heater, need I to decalciy or clean something inside? Any ideas anyone ;-)PetraReply
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  1. Compact and takes a small amount of space 
  2. Lightweight and portable 
  3. Proven to indicate fracture risk in women ages 45-75 


Bone Density Imaging ModeQuantitative Ultrasound Destometry
Height10 in
Length 24 in
Scan ProtocolsExtremeties (e.g. hands, feet) - Included
Swing Away C-arm CapabilityPortable
Width12 in
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