EPPENDORF - Microcentrifuge 5415 R

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EPPENDORF Microcentrifuge 5415 R

Microcentrifuge 5415 R is an ideal workhorse for the lab. It features easy-to-use control knobs and a digital display of time and speed. Speed can be displayed in rpm or g-force, which saves you the time of performing tedious calculations and improves reproducibility. A separate, adjustable-speed Short Spin button provides easy, quick spins. The timer can be set to 99 minutes or continuous runs.        
As the smallest and quietest refrigerated microcentrifuge on the market, Model 5415 R's compact cooling system and Fast Temp function quickly cools the chamber to 4°C (set temperature) in just 16 minutes. It can maintain 4°C, even at maximum speed—eliminating those countless trips to the cold room. Standby cooling also maintains chamber temperature when the centrifuge is not in use.

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a year ago
main board
main board part numberReply


2 years ago
Service manual for Eppendorf 5415R
Anyone has this service manual? Need schematic to troubleshoot. Thanks.Reply


7 years ago
eppendorf Centrifuge 5415R error 18



Centrifuge turns on, but gives error messages 18. Instruction manual says "Temperature error. (? ≥ 5 °C). Switch off the centrifuge." 

the temperature is replaced by new sensor (pt1000) 


can reset the Centrifuge with service keys?



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  • Easy-to-use controls        
  • Compact footprint fits on a crowded bench or in a cold room        
  • 24-place capacity        
  • Brushless motor provides maintenance-free operation        
  • Motorized lid latch        
  • Spins up to 13,200 rpm; 16,100 x g        
  • Quick acceleration and deceleration        
  • Temperature setting range from 0° to 40°C       
  • Maintains 4°C at maximum speed        
  • Standby cooling        
  • Fast Temp: from room temperature to 4°C in max. 16 minutes        
  • Quiet operation (<60 dB)        
  • Adjustable-speed Short Spin button is ideal for quick spins        
  • Accepts three interchangeable rotors        
  • Meets international safety standards for centrifuges (IEC 1010-2-020)        
  • 2 year warranty


Height9 in
Length 17.7 in
Weight46.7 lbs without rotor
Width11.4 in

Additional Specifications

    Acceleration time to max. speed: 13 s 
    Breaking time from max. speed: 12 s 
    Temperature control range: 0°C–40°C 
    Maximum power requirement: 300 W 

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