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Eppendorf Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Model 5417 R

Tried and trusted model: In many globally successful biotechnology companies, the Centrifuge 5417 R (refrigerated) was already present at the beginnings as part of the startup laboratory equipment. And nowadays they are still successfully doing their jobs.                      Reason enough for Eppendorf to bring the accessory and rotor program of these microliter centrifuges right up to date. The increasing range of applications will be fully covered, now and in the future. For current users and for todays start-up companies. Exceptionally short centrifuge times can be achieved e.g. for Eppendorf reaction tubes with a relative centrifugal acceleration of 25,000 x g in the fixed-angle rotor. The PCR strip rotor enables the centrifugation of 8-tube and 5-tube strips. And, as before, Eppendorf supplies a swing-bucket rotor for 1.5/2 ml reaction tubes and a 30-position fixed-angle rotor. The new robust and high-temperature resistant aluminum lid and the optimized rotor detection ring means that the aerosol-tight version can be autoclaved in its entirety for up to 2 h at 140 °C to eliminate even prion contamination.                      The easy-to-read display and the practical soft keypad on both models enable simple and self-explanatory programming of all operating modes. With short acceleration and braking times at max. rcf and large capacities, the Centrifuge 5417 R cope even with high sample throughput in style. The Fast Cool function cools the 5417 R rapidly down to 4 °C, which is also maintained during centrifugation at maximum rotational speed. Afterwards, with standby cooling, the centrifuge remains at the required temperature.

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-Mary G
2 years ago
eppendorf 5417R
my 5417R started fine, but after a minute the run stopped, the display said Error 4, and it took 10 minutes to cycle down. the manual skips over Error 4. Suggestions?Reply


3 years ago
Error 6 in eppendorf 5417r
I have 5417r that is throwing error 6 when press start button in service program SE 9 it released error 10 from the error list along with error 6 i done almost every thing mentioned in service manual i think there is some trick to clear this error from e- prom any friend help me if he knows about this Reply


4 years ago
Error 19
What is Error 19 and how do I fix it?Reply
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[list]          [*] Embossed foil keypad for simple operation           [*] Fast Cool function: from room temperature to 4°C in approx. 15 min*           [*] Short-spin function with preselected rotational speed           [*] rpm or rcf settings as required (from 500 rpm in steps of 100 rpm)           [*] Timer up to 99 min or continuous run           [*] Soft key for gentle acceleration and deceleration            [*] Temperature settings from -9 to 40°C*           [*] Sample temperature <4°C maintained at maximum speed           [*] Automatic imbalance detection          [/list]


Height25 cm
Length 60 cm
Weight35 kg
Width31 cm
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