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Versatile centrifuges easily handle rigorous demands of day-to-day use in industrial laboratories.

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5 years ago
Loud Squealing noise
Hello, Just ordered one of these from and online resource, used. It seems to only run on the high end of the RPM scale. I have manual and have no idea what the RPM reads on the dial, is it X 1000 ? it will not run but rather stalls at lower setting, below 3. Does anyone have a digital manual resource? Also and more importantly it makes a loud squealing noise when running at higher RPM which is intermittent, it comes and goes as it runs. Machine is clean and has no obvious damage from the outside. wires look clean and tidy inside, pulled bottom plate off to check for dust. The squealing to me sounds like a bearing is about to eat it. Any one have experience servicing these or replacing that loud bearing when it goes? Cheers,Reply


11 years ago
removing the rotor?

I am trying to remove the rotor from a centrific 225 centrifuge. I can take of the top bolt and I  was ssuming that it would just be able to be pulled up but it won't budge. Is there something else attaching it?



11 years ago
How to remove the rotor?

Just purchased a used centrific 225 centrifuge and need to swap out the rotor but can't do it. Any idea's?

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[list]  [*] Extra-large  [*] Chemical-resistant  [*] Cross-linked polyethylene bowl     [*] Cast-iron base with nonskid feet for stability  [/list]


Height14 in
Length 20 in
Weight50 lbs
Maximum Speed5100 rpm
Width16 in

Additional Specifications

Maximum Tube Size: 30 dia. x 133mm long  Speed Control: Variable  Capacity: 360mL  Maximum Speed/Force: 5100rpm/3400xG

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