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The unique performance and productivity requirements of your facility with GE’s innovative exercise testing solutions

Meet the unique performance and productivity requirements of your facility with GE’s innovative exercise testing solutions. Clinically validated analysis programs and digital solutions help you make more informed decisions and improve patient care. The CASE system offers remote view and editing capabilities for increased department throughput and efficiency.       From high-throughput stress labs to small offices, the CASE system delivers highly scalable solutions to meet your unique performance and productivity requirements. Advanced features such as powerful analysis and diagnostic tools, and sophisticated networking options help enhance your clinical decision making.

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5 months ago

When doing echo studies using a Philips ultrasound unit we get no BPM crossing over to the ultrasound. Have verified cables are all good.

Anybody else run into this issue??????



a year ago
Password at start-up

I have a Case unit that is asking for a password in a blue DOS style box at start-up. I am expecting to see the options for Admin, User or Service but this box now opens instead. Has anyone seen this issue before or know the password?



-Christina B
2 years ago
12sL memory full error
I have a case system that is giving a 12sL memory full error every time the staff try to print preventing it from printing. The memory has been checked, maybe a third is in use. Staff compressed their older files but it did not resolve the issue. This is a Case V6.6.Reply
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[list]  [*] CASE networking option allows you to review, edit, print and export stored final reports, keeping your stress system free for testing    [*] Bi-directional network communication provides remote access to MUSE-stored patient records    [*] Network multiple CASE systems for full-disclosure stress data    [*] Remote view allows you to view real-time stress data from an alternate location, increasing clinical productivity in your stress lab    [*] User-adjustable controls allow you to fine tune the performance of signal-acquisition and innovative filtering    [*] Vital signs window customization puts your desired information in the format you choose for stress test viewing    [*] Separate resting ECG module lets you combine resting and stress ECG’s in one system – enabling you to enter patient data just once    [*] Flexible interface accommodates multiple customer set-ups    [*] Export capabilities from PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel documents mean easy communication between physicians  [/list]


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