Philips - Stress Vue
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Simplifying workflow

Philips StressVue combines advanced features with an easy-to-use interface to help you manage your workflow and increase your productivity. The numerous workflow features and advanced connectivity options result in a highly efficient system that builds in clinical excellence at every step of your stress testing operation.



a year ago
ECG Frontside error
Helo, I have problem a Philips Stressvue system. If start the program and click "new exam", displayed the error: ECG frontside error. What can be wrong? And a second question:the program works in Win10? Thx.Reply


a year ago
maximum pateint weight
maximum patient weight Reply


2 years ago
module and ecg lead problem
when I connect ECG lead to the module it give noise and when I connect ECG lead to me it gives nothing, what is the problem I don't understand please somebody help me, ECG lead is ok I have checked it.Reply
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    For Clinicians  
  1. Wireless patient module for patient comfort  
  2. Clear indication of ST anomalies and morphology changes  
  3. Fast, accurate diagnosis with clear ECG tracings  
  4. Continue patient assessment after the test with the post-recovery monitoring  
  5. Review stress tests at your convenience using the Remote Review option and full-disclosure post-exam replay  
  6. For Technicians  
  7. Improve patient throughput with pre-registration and pre-hook up  
  8. Simplify testing with intuitive and customizable user interface   
  9. Monitor, display and print key patient and test parameters  
  10. Get unsurpassed flexibility with the ability to configure numerous protocols  
  11. Take advantage of the convenience of the graphic Remote Keypad  


EKG/ECG TypeRest
Image Display17 in flat screen monitor
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