Mindray - DC-3
by Mindray


Mindray introduces the DC-3, a compact system with best mobility and flexibility, promising completely new ultrasound scanning experiences through excellent ergonomics and intelligent work flow

Delivering convincing image performance and versatile diagnostic solutions, the DC-3 is designed to perform with speed and accuracy, providing clinicians the ability to obtain enhanced diagnostic confidence with the greatest ease of use and optimal user comfort.

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a year ago
Rubber keys stack-up
Hi everyone! I would just like to ask if anyone knows what causes rubber key stack-up in all ultrasound machines that uses this type on their ultrasound units? majority of the clients that I encounter is that when they press a certain key in the keyboard panel, it gets stuck and does not bounce back. i know that their machine is already old but I don't know what can be the cause of this problem. Can anyone enlighten me about this problem? Thank you for anyone who will provide an answer...Reply


a year ago
keyboard taking long to respond
after booting up the keyboard of the machine takes long to start responding,it even goes up to 30 minutes or 45 minutes at timesReply


a year ago
Mindray DC-3 Not powering on
My system won't turn on. It is plugged in but there are no lights on or any other indication that is receiving power. I've already checked the breaker and it is getting power.Reply
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  • High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor of wide view angle
  • Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height adjustable control panel
  • The home based operation panel is designed considerately and logically with intuitive menu adjustment knob array and functional button layout. 
  • The transducers are ergonomically designed with hand-fit shape, light weight, and flexible cable, and can be quickly switched with four transducer sockets.
  • The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible, allowing versatile information flow at hand.


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Doppler ModesPW Doppler, HPRF Doppler, Power Doppler
Image Display15 in flat screen monitor
Imaging Capabilities2D

Additional Specifications

Available Transducers: A large variety of transducers and thorough selection of exam types provide the clinician the ability to configure the Mindray's DC-3 to meet specific or multiple needs.

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