LW Scientific - 24-place Hematocrit Centrifuge
by LW Scientific

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This unit is designed for flexibility and ease of use in the laboratory or elsewhere.

It spins 24 standard 75mm capillary tubes at 11,000 rpm. A handy microhematocrit reader is provided with each unit. The reader disk allows for reading the tubes directly on the rotor without picking them up.

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-Allen D
5 years ago
service manual
I'm looking for a service manual to help a Biomed in Honduras.Reply


-Peter Gray
10 years ago
General Preventative Maintenance - Calibration & Brushes

Here is a great general centrifuge maintenance guide from Bruce Pursell at Ozark Biomedical.

More specific maintenance information pertinent to this model can be found in the Instruction Manual.


Use only 75mm capillary tubes. Never force a tube into the holder. With proper care and maintenance, the M24 centrifuge will provide years of service.

Please follow these guidelines:

Clean the inside of the centrifuge regularly. Whenever there is a tube breakage or spill, it is recommended that the inside of the centrifuge be cleaned, and if possible, disinfected (do not immerse the electrical components in any liquid).

Motor and electrical maintenance: The M24’s motor utilizes brushes which may need occasional replacement. The electrical components were designed for high reliability and should not need regular service. However, if repairs or replacement brushes are needed, please contact your local LW Scientific dealer.

Spare parts, bushes etc for the M24 Michrohaematocrit are available in Australia from GrayMed.

For calibration instructions see this video. To perform this procedure you will need a tachometer also available from GrayMed.

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[list]    [*] Impact-resistant safe-view lid     [*] All-metal body construction     [*] Cooling fan for motor compartment     [*] Aluminum rotor for low heat transfer     [*] Heavy duty high-speed motor     [*] Safety shut-off switch in lid     [*] Locking lid     [*] Wide mouth for easy clean up    [/list]


Height10 in
Length 13 in
Weight23 lbs
Maximum Speed12000 rpm at fixed speed
Width12 in
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