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Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry computer controlled.

It can perform end-point, kinetic, initial rate, differential, dichromatic, fixed time, latex and sample blank tests. Automatic - upon programmation - pathological results repetition with or without automatic dilution. Automatic - upon programmation - pathological results in the panic range repetition. Urgent tests in actual time (STATs). Sophisticated software for the system control. 32 on line tests mono or double reagent.          70 positions sample tray: 40 samples, 16 standards, 4 controls and 10 STATs. Analyzer throughput: 300 test/h. Easy maintenance. No consumables. Automatic washing of the reading cuvettes. Liquid sensor for samples and reagents.

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12 years ago
analyzer reset

Analyzer unable to reset Horizontal arm movement 



Throughput240 samples/hr
Power Requirements220 VAC
Sample Volume1 to 100 µL
Reagent Dispensing Volume0 to 300 µL

Additional Specifications

[list]  Programmation: routine, batch, STAT, profiles      Test on-line: 32 reagents, single or double      Programmable tests: 128 single or double reagent+ "relation test"      Test repetition: Automatic upon request      Calibration and controls: Automatic upon request      Sample tray: 70 positions: 40 samples + 10 STATs + 16 STD and 4 controls. Primary tubes and/or sample cups  [/list]

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