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The BT 224 photometer is a microprocessor controlled analyzer, ideated to easy the laboratory work.

Thanks to the most modern studies in the microprocessors and electronic components technology it has been possible to develop an easy to use analyzer, compact and versatile that can theoretically perform all kind of chemical-chemistry methods currently used. The BT 224 has a RS 232 interface that allows the connection to a central or peripheral unit. A sealed membrane keyboard is used to introduce data. These will be displayed on a graphic liquid crystals display. A graphic thermal printer will provide the printout of test parameters, results, calibration curves. An auto test program will verify the analyzer's performances. All these features, with its speed and flexibility, make of the BT 224 an essential analyzer in every laboratory.

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12 years ago
BT 224 Photometer

Does anyone have a working manual for this instrument please?



Height35 cm
Length 25 cm
Width50 cm

Additional Specifications

[list]  Detector: 8 siliceous UV/VIS photodiodes    Filters: 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 650 nm    Methods: ABS, concentration, kinetic, mono o dichromatic, fixed time, non linear  Reading cuvette: 33 µl continuous flow cell    Electronic: Micro Z 80, 32K Eprom, non volatile 8 Kb RAM    Reading volume: 500 µl without carry over    Photometric range: From 0 to 2.5 DO (± 1%)    Programmable test: Up to 128 test    Temperature control: Peltier modules, programmable at 25, 30, 37 °C    Aspiration: Peristaltic pump, programmable volume aspiration   [/list]

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