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The modular AU5400 is a high-volume analyzer that builds upon the field-proven reliability and productivity of the AU5200 analyzer and the latest Olympus technological advances. The Olympus AU5400 automates and consolidates chemistry testing with up to 147 on-board chemistries and throughput up to 6,600 tests per hour. Choose from Olympus’ 125 test menu, including chemistries and a broad menu of specialty tests. With a fully integrated track system to intelligently route samples to high-speed processing modules for simultaneous test processing, the AU5400 delivers high-productivity to meet real world lab needs.

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11 years ago
Olympus AU5400 Data Transfer issue

We have 2 AU5400s. We have been doing data transfers with them for many years. Recently we added a profile that has 24 drugs to be tested and it seems the data transfer goes awry when the au5400 goes to report back the results. It reports the first 21 drugs, and then instead of getting the standard eol, we get 2 eols and the same accession repeats the same 21 drugs. We never get data on the last 3 drugs. I am looking for a manual to research this problem, but thought I would ask if anyone has come across this?





12 years ago
Where exactly to start the block while sending multiple blocks of data to Olympus AU5400


If the Text size exceeds the specific limit, Then how to identify a specific block.

For example: Olympus communicaion takes the data in the following format.


[BlockIdentificationNumber][patient and Test Data] [ETX]

Now if the message size is greater than frame/Block size then where exactly we have to break the message.

From the above example:


[BlockIdentificationNumber][patient and Test Data] [ETX]

Do we have to start breaking the message from Rack position or From the Block identification Number. Plese let me know.





12 years ago
Maximum no of tests performed on Olympus


we are developing a interface to communicate with Olympus, we need to know how many maximum no of tests it can perform on a order. Plesae let us know if anyone know about this.



[list]    [*] Fast and reliable turnaround times      [*] Precision Sampling      [*] Peak workloads with 300 sample load for extended walk-away time      [*] Automated reagent handling      [*] CLIA Compliance      [*] Automated maintenance for minimum operator time    [/list]


Throughput6600 tests/hour
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