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A highly flexible computer controlled versatile Random Access Chemical Analyzer, the ANALETTE.

This analyzer is a fast, flexible open system, allowing the use of reagents from many different manufacturers. Commonly specified tests can be pre-programmed. Stat samples can be run at any time. Bar code use saves time and reduces sample identity errors, and can be used for assay and panel selections. The system has built in diagnostics. The software permits two analyzers to be run simultaneously, doubling throughput and increasing flexibility.

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[list]  [list]      [*] Processing speeds up to 300 tests per hour       [*] Integrated reporting with full demographics       [*] Integrated wand bar-code scheduling and patient identification.       [*] 24-hour, 7 day per week standby electrolyte capability       [*] Automatic daily maintenance         [*] Reagent Storage - Reagents for up to 24 methods can be stored "on-board". Over 100 additional methods can be pre-programmed and selected through bar code or keyboard.  [*] On-Line Quality Control - Graphing of results, trends, and Levy-Jennings plots using 60 day FIFO (First In First Out)method, are standard.  [*] Assoy Modes - Assay modes for end point, zero order kinetic, first order kinetic, and ummunochemical reactions are provided. Reagent volumes of as little as 180 µl and as high as 350 µl may be detected. Sample volumes from 2-150 µl may be selected.  [*] Calibration - Up to five calibrators may be used for immunochemical reactions. Factor colibration may also be used. Calibrator values and lot numbers are stored in system memory.  [*] Automatic Pre-Dilution for Immunoassay - Immunochemistry methods requiring pre-dilution of the sample are performed directly on serum by the automatic performance of a pre-dilution. The pre-dilution can be set for each method in the test porometers menu for each method. Thus, each method can have a unique pre-dilution.  [*] Walk-Away Operation - The system has a cuvette capacity of 140 cuvettes which are loaded as 10 cuvette segments. This provides for unattended operation of more than one hour.    Sample Presentation       [*] Sample tray for 42 disposable cups       [*] Sample tray for 42 seventy-five mm primary collection tubes       [*] Sample tray for 72 micro cups       [*] Stat samples can be added at any time      [/list] 

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