Schiller - CARDIOVIT AT-101 Tele
by Schiller

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The mobile 12-channel ECG system with telemetric ECG data transfer for use around the world

[b]Providing enhanced patient safety! [/b]  SCHILLER’s know-how in GSM technology again guarantees the highest mobility with its latest product generation, the CARDIOVIT AT-101 Tele providing unmatched advantages in emergency monitoring.      The mobile 12-channel ECG system with telemetric ECG data transfer ensures fast and reliable ECG and patient data transmission to a cardiology department or emergency ward. This enables direct referral to the relevant department any time, anywhere, saving valuable communication time in an emergency. Another advantage of the AT-101 Tele is the ease of operation. With a single button push, the ECG data is immediately transmitted via GSM or modem, providing twice the safety margin for the user.

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[list]  [*] Direct keys for the important functions   [*] ECG measurement software   [*] Various user-programmable report formats on internal or external printer   [*] Interface to PC   [*] XML data transfer to a PC or information system via Ethernet, integrated modem or mobile phone (GSM)  [/list]    


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