Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
by Roche

Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
Manufactured by Roche

The pressure for laboratories to work more efficiently has never been higher, increasing the need for innovative solutions.

With the COBAS INTEGRA 400 plus, innovation means 4 on-board measurement technologies, robotic handling of reaction cuvettes and improved operator ergonomics. This supports the very broad menu and ease-of-use required for true workload consolidation, leading to efficiency gains only possible with only one analytical platform, one user interface, one reagent system and the one global supplier - Roche          
Sample selective bench top analyser for small to mid-size laboratories. Flexible system for consolidating routine workload with a capacity of 36 tests (including 4 ISE: Na+, K+, Li+, Cl-) on board and a throughput up to 400 test per hour.

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-The Secretary
7 years ago
Kindly send us the details of the results of data seen on note pad. Please explain what each column stands forReply


7 years ago
There is an abnormal consumption of ISE calibrator direct in our analyzer. One bottle of ISE cal direct lasts for one week only but before we were using one bottle in 1 to 2 months.What can we do to resolve this?Reply


7 years ago
integra 400
Describe the principles behind the 4 measurement techniques used by "INTEGRA 400"Reply


  • Faster turn around of all tests
  • State of art performance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Real Security of result with the COBAS INTEGRA clot detection system
  • INTEGRA reagent cassettes make reagent preparation a task of the past
  • Sophisticated software programms to simplify operation and training
  • Reduced costs through increased efficiency
  • Continuous sample access to up to 90 samples for a smoother workflow


Wavelength Range340 to 800 nm
Measuring Range0 to 2
Sample Volume2 to 50 µL
Throughput400 tests/hour
Height75 cm
Length 66 cm
Weight230 kg
Width135 cm

Additional Specifications

    Cycle time: 10.6sec (COBAS INTEGRA 800 6sec)   
    Reaction volumes (µl): 120-245   
    Measurement range (FP): 0–500mP   
    Sample: Sample Types Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Hemolysate and Whole Blood (HbA1c)