Roche - Cobas C 111
Manufactured by Roche

Big lab analyzer performance—designed for small workload labs

The cobas c 111 analyzer is a tabletop system designed to set the next gold standard in automated clinical chemistry testing for small laboratories.    
With key components such as optics, reagents and calibrators taken from larger COBAS Integra and cobas blood gas systems used in reference labs and hospitals, the cobas c111 system joins a family of analyzers designed to deliver consistent results from the smallest to the largest system.



7 days ago
Problem in communication from host to cobas c 111
Whenever I am sending the header record from host to cobas c111, I am receiving the negative acknowledgement.Checksum is correct.Please help !! Reply


5 months ago
c111 service
how to check transfer mechanism in cobas c111Reply


6 months ago
Roche Cobas C111
pourriez vous me transmettre un code a barre lue par un Cobas c111 connecté a un SILReply
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    Increased flexibility without sacrificing performance    
  1. Automated sample and reagent pipeting allows operators to walk away for 45-60 minutes    
  2. Connectivity options for testing and data management    
  3. Up to 65 photometric tests/hour and 180 electrolyte tests/hour (85-100 tests/hr combined)    
  4. Onboard capacity for up to 17 tests at a time (3 ISEs & 14 photometric tests)    
    Convenient and easy to use    
  5. Intuitive user interface simplifies use for different skill and access levels    
  6. Continuous loading and unloading of virtually any sample tube or cup    
  7. Cooled, exchangeable reagent disks make loading flexible and efficient    
  8. Software-driven operation for minimal maintenance and maximum uptime    
    Extensive menu
  9. Currently more than 30 assays, with more planned for release in the near future    
  10. Covers the basic and comprehensive metabolic panels, electrolyte and lipid panels, hepatic and renal function panels.    
  11. Includes innovative tests such as whole blood HbA1    

Additional Specifications

Test throughput 60-85 photometric tests/hr 180 ISE tests/hr 60-100 tests/hr photometric and ISE mixed     
Sample types Serum, plasma, urine, whole blood (HbA1c)     
Sample input Continuous loading of primary and secondary tubes into 8 sample positions    
Sample container types    
Primary tubes: 5-10mL; 16x100, 16x75, 13x100, 13x75     
Sample cup: 2.5 mL     
Micro cup: 1.5 mL     
Cup on tube: Cup on 16x75mm tube    
Cup on top of one non standard tube     
Sample volume Min. sample volume:     
Primary tubes 500µL     
Sample cup 75µL     
Micro cup 50µL     
Photometer 12 wavelengths, 20 W halogen lamp, monochromatic and bichromatic measurement     
Measurement principles Absorbance photometry (enzymes, substrates, specific proteins)    
Ion selective electrode, indirect measurement (dilution 1:6)     
Control unit 5.7” color touch-screen LCD (1/4 VGA)     
System interfaces 2 x RS 232 serial interface, bi-directional (ASTM protocol) for host and barcode scanner 2 x USB 1.1/2.0 for modem and memory stick (data loading and backup)     
Electrical requirements    
Line voltage 100-125 V and 200-240 V AC (-15%, +10%)     
Line frequency 50 Hz (±5%) and 60 Hz (±5%)     
Power consumption 250 VA (320 VA with ISE)     
Installation category II (IEC 61010-1)     
Physical dimensions (with ISE)     
Width: 590mm (720mm)     
Depth: 550mm (550mm)     
Height: 480mm (480mm)     
Weight: 32.3kg (35kg)     
Water requirements Up to 2 liters/day NCCLS Type II (conductivity <1µS/cm at 25°C)     
Regulatory requirements GS, CE, UL, C-UL

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