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One cobas 8000 modular analyzer series configuration consists of up to 4 analytical modules and is built with a core unit, an optional ISE unit (cobas ISE module), a high throughput clinical chemistry module (cobas c 701 module), a mid volume throughput clinical chemistry module (cobas c 502 module) and the immunoassay module (cobas e 602 module). An advanced clinical chemistry module (cobas c 702 module ) is already in development.                      Combinations of those modules offer more than 38 configurations with many choices to tailor solutions to individual laboratory needs.                      With a peak throughput of 8,400 tests per hour and a total of 270 reagent channels on board, the cobas 8000 modular analyzer series significantly improves sample turn around time and efficiently manages peak demands. On-site expandability allows for efficient change management.                      Many innovative design elements, such as intelligent sample routing with fast transportation and return lines, independent processing lines within each module, the Module Sample Buffer (MSB) in each module, the tailor-made and harmonized reagent cassette concept and many more, are further contributions to added value in the high workload laboratory.

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4 months ago
feel free to ask

i am an engineer and working on cobas devices you can ask me anything you want, feel free to ask. if you need help just write via mail also you can call either



2 years ago
Hi Sir can you share any services manual Cobas 8000 and Cobas 8000 data manger service manual ? Thank youReply


3 years ago
manul for Roche - Cobas 8000
guys I need the full manual for Roche - Cobas 8000Reply


[list]          [*] Screen sharing with the analyzer software and cobas e-services on a single screen for convenient instrument monitoring.           [*] Traceability information for easy tracking of calibration and reagent information offers more transparency.           [*] User defined fully automated and selective rerun and reflex testing.           [*] Connectivity of up to 3 cobas 8000 modular analyzer series in a single cobas 8000 data manager.          [*] Technical validation of sample result in combination with rule programming improves and accelerates the result release process.           [*] QC management of all connected instruments on a single screen supports flexible integration of local requirements for QC standards and rules (e.g. Levey-Jennings plots and diagrams, Westgard rules,…etc.).      [*] High speed            [*] Intelligent sample dynamics            [*] Intelligent workflow management            [*] Premium quality & safety            [*] Multidimensional modularity      [/list]


Throughput1000 samples/hr
Sample Volume1.5 to 35 µL
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