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The unique and advanced version of a fully automated, selective batch, bench top analyzer

State of the art electronics and very simple mechanics with few moving parts will assure end-user outmost efficiency and reliability in performance daily. Friendly software with 23 auxiliary programs further enhances the versatility of clinical chemistry as well as the immunoassays analyzer and enables each user to personalize his own UDICHEM ELITE.

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[list]      [*] Easy to follow with user guidance on screen.       [*] Monitoring of reaction curve for patient samples.       [*] Monitoring of reagent volume by computer.       [*] Data transfer to host computer.       [*] Test with one or two reagents.       [*] Test via standard or via factor.       [*] Manual mode for absorbance measurement.       [*] Extensive quality control.       [*] Graphical display of QC results.       [*] Patient entry during operation.       [*] Programmable automatic wash between samples and test runs.       [*] Comprehensive error code handling.      [*] Open system with 100 programmable locations. 50 for Clinical Chemistry and other 50 for Immunology.       [*] Selective Access with multi batch possibility.       [*] 18 different reagents on-line with 40 patient's sample cups, 6 standards and 2 controls.      [*] Built-in high precision micro processor controlled diluter.       [/list]


Throughput200 samples/hr
Optical System340,405,492,510,546,580&620 nm Filters with extra free position for other filter

Additional Specifications

[list]  Flow cell volume: 50 µl.       Profiles: 9 with 19 tests each.      Maximum volume for sample cups: 0.8 ML       Photometric range: 0.000-3.000A  [/list]

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