Vital Scientific - Selectra XL
by Vital Scientific

A Random Access, Fully-Automated, "Walk Away" Chemistry Workstation with a throughput of up to 360 tests per hour

The Selectra XL is an open system offering a wide range of testing, including Clinical Chemistry, Special Proteins, Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drugs and Electrolytes. You name it, the Vitalab Selectra XL does the job without compromising quality. Having a throughput in the range of 400 tests per hour, the Vitalab Selectra XL is the ideal workstation as main system, back-up system or for special chemistries. Vital Scientific offers Vitalab® brand high quality reagents; a comprehensive test menu of chemitry reagents providing your laboratory with testing options you need. Click here for more information.     
The Vitalab Selectra XL extends the excellent reputation of the Selectra family. With thousands of Selectra installations all over the world, Vital Scientific has created a proven platform to run your tests in a convenient and cost effective way.

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a month ago
Updating qc reference with sd
Hi im using a selectra xl with westengard rules, i want to know how to calculate SD for entering new referal values of new lot of QC? In the papers of kit i have target, lower and higher limits, but when i choose westengard serve SD Reply


5 months ago
service manual
service manual pdfReply


4 years ago
Selectra xl soft problem

my device Vitalab Selectra XL crashes when searching in the archive after backup restoration must redo all the settings of the device: calibration, etalonage, programming, positions ...

I need help to solve ve problem, thank you very much



  • Two rotors each with 24 positions for 25 ml bottles and 8 positions for 5 ml bottles.   
  • All positions can be assigned as R1 and R2.             
  • Adapters for 5 ml bottles in 25 ml positions 
  • Reagent disk compartment is cooled to approx. 12°C below ambient temperature.            
  • Preheated reagent needle with level detection and integrated mixer. 
  • Sample rotor containing            
  • 80 barcode read samples positions            
  • Inner ring for 20 calibrators and 10 controls             
  • STAT and pediatric samples            
  • Continuous loading.             
  • Internal barcode reading             
  • Primary tubes (13 or 16 mm OD)  
  • Sample probe with level detection and integrated mixer.   
  • Semi-disposable rotor with 48 cuvettes. Path length 7 mm.             
  • Minimum measuring volume 220µl.             
  • Measuring temperature 37°C, controlled by Peltier elements   
  • Kinetic measurement with linearity check.             
  • Bichromatic end point measurement with or without bichromatic reagent blank and/or sample blank correction.             
  • Two point measurement.             
  • Graphic plot of all measuring points.             
  • Automatic rerun with sample reduction.             
  • Non-linear calibration curves   
  • Up to 15 different controls can be defined, 3 per test.             
  • Westgard rules.             
  • Levey-Jennings plots.


Light SourceQuartz-iodine lamp 12V-20W
Throughput360 samples/hr (400 with ISE)
Height115 cm
Length 77 cm
Width117 cm

Additional Specifications

Photometric range: -0.1 to 3.0 Absorbance

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