Biochemical Systems - 2000 Evolution
by Biochemical Systems

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Semi-automatic analyser for clinical chemestry and hematology tests

The 2000 Evolution analyzer is an interferential filter photometer, completely managed by microprocessors, that executes photometric measurements and elaborates them according to the corresponding programs. The selection of the interferential filter is automatic, with powered handling managed by a microprocessor. This characteristic makes reading easier and eliminates filter selection errors that may occur in instruments with manual selection. The instrument's optics consits of a halogen lamp (5 W) whose light beam is centered by a quartz lens, allowing a high measuring accuracy even when reduced-volume cuvettes are used. Bichromatic reading is allowed.    The use of the instrument is assisted by an advanced software that guides and controls the operations made by the user. The instrument is equipped with an acoustic signaller that further helps the user. A tone different from the usual one warns the operator for having pressed the wrong key.         A 10-position Dry Block Incubator is incorporated in the instrument and can contain both square and cylindrical cuvettes. The temperature of the thermostat unit is equal to that of the cuvettes contained in it, i.e. 37°C. The instrument can be programmed by means of a keyboard: the required parameters are inserted by a back-illuminated liquid crystal 32-character alphanumeric display. This display also indicates the state of the instrument, eventual errors or malfunction signals. The analytic results are directly displayed in the preset measuring units.         The instructions on the display can be selected from one of the following languages: English, Italian. The instrument is provided with a 20-column thermal printer that can print both the analytic results and their programming parameters. All printed information can also be transmitted through the Serial RS-232 Standard Output. The Printer can plot graphs in MSD and KIN Tests. Ninety programs can be stored. The instrument is already programmed when supplied to its user. It is however necessary to check that the parameter values inserted correspond to those required in the methods. The User can also modify the parameters by himself before performing the analysis.

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[list]      [*] Laboratory photometer for the analysis of whole blood and serum samples        [*] Completely programmable        [*] Up to 90 clinical chemistry tests, Fully open system, Enzymeimmunomatic and Hematological tests        [*] 6 interferential filters with automatic wavelength selection        [*] 10 positions incubator.        [*] Complete with printer, computer output        [*] Data Handling Software available upon request.      [/list]


Height18 cm
Length 36 cm
Weight8 kg
Width33 cm

Additional Specifications

[list]  Operating modes: Absorbance, End Point, Fixed-Time, Kinetic and Multistandard       Spectral range: 320-690 nm        Filter wavelength: 340-405-505-546-578-630 nm    Reproducibility: CV < 1% @ 2.0 O.D.       Incubator: 10 positions at 37 °C; ± 0.2°C  Display: back-illuminated liquid crystals 32 characters alphanumeric   [/list]

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