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The new semi-automatic laboratory analyser for clinical chemistry tests.

3000 Evolution is an interferential filter photometer, completely managed by microprocessors. It performs photometric measurements and processes them according to programs with parameters that can be entered by the operator. It executes, in a rapid and precise manner, most of important chemistry and hematology tests.                 The instrument is equipped with a one way flow cell system; it ensures low carry-over values even with limited sample volumes. Flow cell is 18 uL volume.                   Disposable macro and micro cuvettes (glass or plastic), with an optical path of 1 cm, can be used by simply removing the flow cell from the reading compartment and placing it on the right-side one. Six filters are included in the instrument. The selection of the interferential filter is automatic, with powered handling managed by a microprocessor.          This feature makes reading easier and eliminates filter selection errors that may occur in instruments which have a manual selection.            The optical part is very sophisticated: it consists of a high-power halogen lamp (20 W) whose light beam is centered by a quartz lens, thus allowing a high accuracy in measurements even when reduced-volume cuvettes are used.A 10-position dry incubator which can contain both square and cylindrical cuvettes allow the sample incubation before reading. The temperature of the incubator is equal to the one of the reading cell and can be regulated from 20 °C to 40 °C. The execution of the analyses and instrument programming are simple and performed by means of a keyboard, following the instructions shown on the display. This display also shows the status and error/fault messages. The analytical results are directly displayed in the measuring units selected by the current program. The language of instructions can be selected between English and Italian. Two other languages are avalaible on request. Up to 120 programs can be stored in the EEPROM inside the instrument. The instrument is supplied already programmed. Instrument is equipped with non volatile result memory. Up to 400 results can be stored inside, for later or end-of-day recalling. Result may be recalled by Test, Date or ID.Sample ID number is selectable and displayed before testing.

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-Paulina Ejidio
24 days ago
Question about semi automatic chemistry analyzer evolution 3000
I wanted to asked a question about semi automatic chemistry analyzer evolution 3000 , when running test or STD , or blank it's giving error-1 so it's written in manual that maybe the absorbance is too high , and to solve it supposed to dilute the sample, blank ND STD . can u tell me how to make it ( the dilution) ? Thank's.Reply


[list]        [*] Semi-automatic photometer for up to 120 different test programs.         [*] Absorbance, end-point, kinetics, fixed time         [*] Multistandard and differential tests, completely managed by microprocessors         [*] 10 positions incubator programmable from 20 °C to 40 °C          [*] Calculation is performed automatically so that results are displayed and printed out directly in the required measuring unit         [*] Equipped with graphic 240x128 pixels display, graphic printer RS232 output.         [*] Data Handling Software available upon request.        [/list]


Length 24
Weight11 kg
Sample Volume350 to 500 µL

Additional Specifications

[list]    Flow cell: 18 µL    Intake: peristaltic pump with programmable intake volume and air gap setting    Operating modes: Absorbance, End Point, Fixed-Time, Kinetic, Multistandard and Differential    Spectral range: 320-690 nm    Filter wavelength: 340-405-492-505-546-578-630 nm; 1 empty position  Reading: Monochromatic, Bichromatic  Measuring range: from -0.200 to 3.000 O.D.  Results memory: 400 test results  Incubator: 10 positions; ± 0.2°C  Incubator temperature: selectable from 20°C to 40°C  [/list]

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