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A Compact and Effective solution

GE Healthcare’s focus on mammography begins with a process of analyzing and understanding the key elements involved in breast care, starting with clinicians and patients, and then focusing on the human touch that is required in the delicate field of breast imaging.

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-MM - Porto
5 years ago
compressor and fixation
The 18x24 and 24x30 compression plates : quality control tests not pass; with simetrical and assimetrical loads distance of compressor plate corners to bucky exceeds tolerance 5mm sim and 15mm assim. I need to replace rollers of comp plate and fixed support of RT. Can you help ? +351 93 848 8241Reply


5 years ago
Not working but powering
I discovered a burnt capacitor at the power section of the Pcb behind and changed it but it not working though current passed through the replaced capacitor. What should i do? Can i get a spare board to buy?Reply


-J U L I O
8 years ago

I need Alpha ST compression system - box reduction and motor, but i have no manual part list, can you help

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High Image Quality    [list]  [*] A better contrast and lesion visibility in dense or difficult breasts with optimized level of dose thanks to the Alpha RT Rhodium filter.    [*] The correct placement under the densest area of your patient breast is now possible with the Automatic Exposure Control System which offers not less than 8 different positions.    [*] Sharper images with long life time with the bi-angular X-ray tube.    [*] The Total Exposure Control system prevents from bad exposures and setting-up errors.    [/list]           A user friendly solution       •With only 42 Kg, the counter-balanced C’Arm of the Alpha RT easily rotates up to 360°C with a simple push of the technologist.    •An extremely compact system with a space requirement as little as 2,41m(L) x 2,57 m (W) thanks to the integrated X-ray generator and small control panel.    •Intuitive remote control panel.    •Buttons on C'Arm handles to ease positionning.             One system for all applications       Alpha RT is a complete solution to meet your needs in any situation:      •A screening solution: women with all types of breast can be examined with a large range of bucky sizes (18x24 / 24x30).    •A diagnostic solution: to go deeper in your diagnosis Alpha RT offers some magnification options and spot paddles.    •An Interventional solution: with Alpha Stereo 4, an add-on Biopsy system, extremely compact.


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