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Extremely compact Alpha ST is an ideal solution for small room and/or for Radiologists looking for a basic solution with the right value for money.

Alpha ST is the optimized mammography system both for basic and diagnostic use. It features a light c-arm, easy-to-use control panel and the perfected automatic exposure control.

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2 years ago
Hi, i need service manual GE Healthcare - Alpha ST.Reply


-Biomedical Engineer
9 years ago
Service manual

Please give me:

+ Service manual.

+ How to doing maintenance.



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[list]  When image quality meets patient care    [*] The Total Exposure Control (TEC) system and the perfect Phototimer set for you all the parameters to obtain the best contrast on both dense and fatty breast. It prevents dangerous exposure and misleading set-ups to allow you to concentrate on your patient.    [*] The unique 8 positions of AEC ease positioning highlighting the densest area of the breast.       A User Friendly Mammography System    [*] With only 40Kg the counterbalanced C-arm of the Alpha ST easily rotates up to 360°C in less than 2 seconds with a simple push of the technologist.    [*] The integrated generator and small control panel makes the Alpha ST the smallest system of the industry. It only requires a room as little as 2, 40 x 2,60 m.    [*] The breast compression is motorized with the possibility of manual fine tuning, allowing the ideal level of compression for each patient.       One system for all applications    [*] Screening exams: whatever the breast size is with a wide range of bucky sizes (18x24/ 24x30).    [*] Diagnostic exams: with the breast paddles for spot and magnification exams.    [*] Interventional exams: with Alpha Stereo 4, a unique add-on biopsy system , light and compact designed for the best patient comfort.  [/list]


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