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MELAG Cliniklav 25 is used for the highest quality in surgical applications. 

The Cliniklav 25 was especially developed for specialized surgeons, other specialists, shared surgeries, outpatient clinics and special wards in hospitals, e.g. in the outpatient field. The Cliniklav 25 meets all requirements of a "small" large sterilizer.

The energy and water consumption were significantly lowered and the speed further enhanced by systematic development work. In the Quick-Program, small quantities of unwrapped instruments are sterilized in only 14 minutes with a fractionated pre-vacuum. Also for loads of up to 15 kg instruments or 7 kg textiles and also when they are wrapped, the Cliniklav 25 is sufficiently productive to ensure smooth clinic procedure.

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Installing the Cliniklav®25"
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cliniklav wastwater temperature


  • Can anyone please tell me if the waste water is unusually hot and requires special plumbing?
  • Thank you

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  • It becomes really clear in a surgery how important a high-quality autoclave is when you don’t have one: i.e., when you have to postpone an operation because sterile instruments, towels, aprons, etc., are just not ready. Several thousand hours of endurance tests in labs and in numerous surgeries and clinics offer you the guarantee of maximum quality and functional reliability. Close collaboration over many years with internationally acknowledged subcontractors, leading in their specialized fields, is an essential part of our successful corporate philosophy.


  • From the very beginning of development of the Cliniklav 25, Melag has placed great emphasis not only on economy of power and water consumption, but also on short program run times. In addition to reduction of costs per sterilization cycle, these savings also mean that you need fewer instruments in your surgery or clinic. In other words, instruments and textiles are available again very quickly: in the Universal Program up to 15 kg of instruments are ready for use again after no more than 56 minutes (including effective vacuum drying). With the Quick Program, after only 14 min.

User friendliness

  • Program diversity must never become an end in itself. A great number of control elements with confusing menu selections may be optically impressive: but they can prove very expensive when they lead to the wrong program selection, aborted programs, and restarts. This all costs time and money. This is why we have limited the control elements of the Cliniklav 25 to only a few buttons that allow very user-friendly selection of the most important functions. The button “Programm” selects the four sterilization programs, the Bowie & Dick test, and the vacuum test. The button “Start/Stop” starts these functions. MELAG can add individual programs to the Cliniklav 25, according to the user’s needs.


  • All components and aggregates are integrated in the Cliniklav 25 table top model. The sub-cabinet is only needed for the installation of the water-treatment-system MELAdem 55. For an easy moving of the Cliniklav 25 for the installation or for the case of maintenance the sub-cabinet is fitted with wheels. The sub-cabinet is delivered with two shelves for storing sterilization containers or other accessories.
  • The required documentation of the sterilization cycles is implemented over the on-board serial port to the connection of the protocol printer MELAprint 42 or to the practice PC. The documentation software MELAwin developed by MELAG is required for this. 
  • Additionally the Cliniklav 25 is capable of storing its sterilization records on the MELAflash CF Card Printer on the MELAflash CF Card. The sterilization records can be read out on every PC with the MELAflash CF-Card Reader. 
  • Incorporation in the practice network is effected by connecting the MELAnet Box to the serial interface of the autoclave.Thus, the sterilization protocols are imported to the user P.C. The MELAnet Box is fitted with independent software which places websites in the user network so that you can view protocols from any computer.
  • Two helix reference block systems, the MELAcontrol and MELAcontrol PRO are available for the verification of successful sterilization in a class B autoclave.
  • The documentation of the release is carried out with the MELAdoc system, consisting of the documentation pages and the MELAdoc label printer for sterilization packagings.
  • MELAG offers a loading rack for up to 4 trays or 2 baskets for the optimal employment of the chamber. Likewise different sterilization containers are available. In addition, the usual system containers (1 Sterilization unit = 30 x 30 x 60 cm) naturally fit into the chamber.


Chamber Width32 cm
Height80 cm
Chamber Height32 cm
Length 84 cm
OrientationFloor Standing
Weight157 kg
Chamber Depth65 cm
Width61.6 cm

Additional Specifications

Sub-cabinet: Width: 61.6 cm x Depth: 84 cm x Height: 80cm        Weight of sub-cabinet: 40 kg  

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