Acoustical Solutions - ASB2000
by Acoustical Solutions

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Specially engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance

The advanced design of the unit features all-welded utilized construction; acoustic integrity, as well as usability, is thereby ensured. No other audiometric booth on the market offers this superior construction and quality. The booth is delivered fully assembled, ready to use, and will readily pass through a 30" clear opening doorway. The large overlapping side entry door with continuous magnetic seals allow the person being tested to enter and exit easily. Standard features include lighting, carpeting, vibration isolators or heavy duty castors, universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer), and forced air ventilation.

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[*] All-welded utilized construction;      [*] Acoustic integrity, as well as usability     [*] Delivered fully assembled     [*] Vibration isolators    [*] Universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer)    [*] Forced air ventilation.

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