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The AC33 is a classic, high performance clinical audiometer designed for use in diagnostic clinics, hospitals and practices

The AC33 is a two channel clinical audiometer designed for use in clinics, hospitals and by hearing aid fitters who require two channel testing capability. Carefully designed operation procedures ensure fast and reliable performance of all standard clinical audiometric tests. The easy to read display, together with the functional layout of the front panel, makes normal manual testing easy and comfortable. In addition pre-programmed tests, some with automatic scoring, are incorporated for threshold testing, speech testing and SISI tests.        In a modern clinical environment it is important to provide interconnection with computers. The AC33 is therefore equipped with computer interface to accommodate this and a range of support software is available. The AC33 is also fully compatible with NOAH.

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5 years ago
I need manual calibration
Dear Sirs. please I need the manual of the Audiometer AC33 to calibrate in analog form. I have problem in the bone measurement, some frequency does not calibrate and I need to restore it. please there is someone who can help me ???Reply


8 years ago
I require maintenance and calibration

I want to know if they have agents in Colombia , I require maintenance and calibration of an audiometer AC 33?

Thank you




12 years ago
AC33 Talk-Back Microphone Connection

I need the connection details for the Talk-Back Jack Socket on the Interacoustics AC33 Audiometer to wire an electret microphone to a jack plug.



[list]    [*] Large display screen     [*] Soft touch presentation button     [*] Up to 120dB output     [*] Pulsing & warble tones     [*] PC connection for data management     [*] Talk Forward for easy communication between tester and client    [/list]

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