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Acuros is an enhancement to the dose calculation abilities of BrachyVision.

It brings new levels of precision and accuracy to your treatment planning in timeframes previously thought unimaginable. Acuros is a Grid-Based Boltzmann Solver (GBBS). GBBS codes directly solve the Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation. It deterministically solves what Monte Carlo codes solve stochastically. Comparatively, Acuros more quickly provides the accuracy of Monte Carlo without the wait or statistical noise.    Initial plan generation and optimization are calculated using TG43. An inhomogeneity corrected plan is then requested. Th e user can select to use the CT data to account for variations in patient tissue. It is also possible to perform calculations based in water or air. While the calculation is being done, you can continue to use the workstation by creating new instances of BrachyVision.    BrachyVision is supplied with a library of Varian applicators. As well as allowing visualization of the surfaces and components of the applicator to aid placements, the library also contains details of the materials and composition of each applicator. Th is allows Acuros to perform a dose calculation with the correct attenuation based on the applicator properties whether images are available or not. This is particularly useful for plans that contain shielded applicators.

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[list]                  [*] Rapidly solves the unique problems of dose calculation with unsurpassed accuracy taking account of                    [*] Applicator materials                   [*] Patient inhomogeneities                   [*] Tissue air interfaces                   [*] Calculation accuracy equivalent to gold standard Monte Carlo                   [*] Calculation times 3 to 8 minutes in comparison to the same calculations in gold standard Monte Carlo which could take hours or days.                  [/list]

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