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Data management system 

Simplify data management across multiple systems in your lab.  
EasyLink connects multiple laboratory instruments to a single information system, consolidating patient and quality control (QC) data management and providing web-based access to data from chemistry, immunoassay, and hemostasis instruments across the hospital lab and remote locations.

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8 years ago
Easylink and Intefacing with Sunquest

We are having problems establishing what interfaces are neded to connect with our new LIS Sunquest.  Wer have two Vista's, one Centaur connected by Streamlab. Currently we have Meditech which we only had to purchase one interface for which sits between easylink and Meditech.

Also, with adoiption  of the new SYNGO nomenclature, what is the proper name to call Easylink and Streamlab?  I have heard the word LASI Syngo but do not know what it corresponds to.  HELP!!


Kathy Miller




9 years ago
Does Easy Link need propriatary hardware?

if not, what are the minimum hardware requirements?

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  • Centralize data from multiple laboratory systems to simplify workflow

  • EasyLink provides a centralized data repository for Siemens chemistry, immunoassay, and hemostasis customers, simplifying review of patient and quality control (QC) data produced from multiple lab systems. Using a browser-based interface, up to 25 concurrent users can gain real-time access to lab data for patient review or instrument performance monitoring. Flexible management tools allow staff in multiple labs and remote locations to make changes according to their particular production environments.  

  • EasyLink provides more comprehensive control over QC management - Operators can rapidly view and manage QC and result data in multiple ways. For example, a simple mouse click provides a quick view of QC results by assay or control, along with a preview of the Levey-Jennings chart or graph; double clicking reveals more detail. A robust compare feature provides easy results comparison across multiple levels, lots, instruments, or sites.

  • Powerful options improve workflow and test results efficiency - Users can customize EasyLink to meet the specific needs of their laboratory, enabling them to provide critical test results in record time.

  • Automated sample management improves productivity; built-in security provides peace of mind. - EasyLink's sample management applications and LIS backup capabilities automate processes, ensure peak productivity, and speed delivery of test results, resulting in higher patient and physician satisfaction

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