Digital Thermometers - ADTEMP IV
by Digital Thermometers

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Digital Thermometers ADTEMP IV

Digital Thermometers's sell digital oral thermometers for low prices. Their digital oral thermometers are so much easier to use and faster to use than traditional thermometers. Their digital oral thermometers have easy-to-read displays, so there will be no doubt as to what your temperature is, too.

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[list]  [*] 18 second oral, 10 second rectal temperature measurement   [*] Auto-off function conserves battery life   [*] Large LCD for easy reading    [*] Replaceable 1.55v (LR41) type battery provides up to 1,500 measurements.   [*] Includes 5 probe sheaths   [*] Clear 2 piece plastic storage case  [/list]

Additional Specifications

Temperature Range: 90F - 109.9F

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