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The LOKO Station is specially designed for training and rehabilitating gait-impaired patients, such as hemiplegic, paraplegic and recovering stroke patients in a safe and controlled atmosphere. With the LOKO, therapists have access to quick and convenient weight offloading and specially designed adjustable seats for manually assisted treatments. Patients feel secure and have a reduced fear of falling when attempting to stand and walk. They will be able to walk longer, faster and more rhythmically in their normal ergonomic standing position. Therapist’s hands are free to perform neuromuscular re-education in the form of assisted placement of the feet and legs while walking. The walking surface absorbs more of the impact than any other treadmill preventing further deterioration of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the lower extremity, pelvis and lower back.

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
4 months ago
Wookway LOKO stattion
Woodway LOKO StationReply


4 years ago
LokoStation and LokoHelp
What are the costs of these machines?Reply


Wookway LOKO stattion


  • LOKO Features: • 1- or 2- point suspension •
  • Symmetric or asymmetric unloading 
  • Static or dynamic guidance 
  • Unloading infinitely variable by cranks
  • Comfortable weight unloading
  • Variable suspension points 
  • Self-blocking safety winch

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