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The Split-Belt is a locomotion therapy tool that provides infinitely variable speed control of each leg independently, which can accommodate patients with asymmetric walking patterns. The Split-Belt comes standard with PPS style stationary parallel handrails, but can be outfitted with a front-mount single bar for video gait analysis. The SPLIT-BELT comes standard with adjustable handrails like the Bari-Mill. The fully adjustable medical grade handrails have infinite possibilities in width and height, providing a comfort level that is unmatched by stationary parallel bars. The handrails are also beneficial for pediatric use, as the adjustable handrail height accommodates children of all sizes. The SPLIT-BELT can also be outfitted with a front-mount single bar to provide more room for therapist to take a more hands-on approach with the patients. 

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-MedWrench Crystalyn
4 months ago
Woodway Split-Belt
Woodway Split-Belt Reply


Woodway Split-Belt

Additional Specifications

  • Running Surface - 27.5” X 68” 
  • 120 individual rubber slats (60 per belt) 
  • Speed 0 - 15.5 mph zero start, 0.1 mph increments20 m/s2 
  • Max Acceleration Elevation 0 - 25&37
  • User Weight Capacity Running 500 lbs Walking 800 lbs 
  • Drive System 228 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels 
  • Motor 2 hp continuous (5 hp peak) brushless servo Weight 690 lbs 
  • Electrical 208/220 V power supply

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