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OPTI Medical Systems OPTI® CCA-TS Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer

The OPTI CCA-TS analyzer is a microprocessor-based instrument that measures optical fluorescence from discreet sensors called optical electrodes (optodes). A disposable, single-use cassette contains all of the elements needed for calibration, sample measurement and waste containment. Specific calibration information from the cassette is read into the analyzer by swiping the cassette package through the bar-code reader. The cassette is then placed into the measurement chamber.      The analyzer warms the cassette to 37.0° ±0.1°C (98.6° ±0.1°F), and performs a calibration verification on the sensors for PCO2 and PO2 by passing a precision calibration gas mixture across the optode sensors. The pH and electrolyte channels are calibrated with precision buffer solution contained in the cassette. When calibration is verified, the analyzer aspirates the blood sample into the cassette and across the optode sensors. After equilibrating with the blood sample, fluorescence emission is then measured.

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-Stan Skaggs
3 years ago
Anyone done a PM on this unit?
Looking to see if anyone has done a PM on this unit and what is involved?Reply


[list]   [*] Innovative Optical Technology    [*] Provides fast accurate results for blood gases, acid-base balance, electrolytes, ionized calcium, glucose and BUN   [*] Virtually Maintenance Free   [*] Run samples of whole blood, plasma and serum on single-use disposable cassettes   [*] The user-friendly touch screen, with simple menu navigation, can be used by any staff at any time with minimal training   [*] Automated sample aspiration reduces staff time and training   [*] Heated measuring chamber allows for iced samples   [/list]


Height4.7 in
Length 9.1 in
Weight121 lbs
Width14.2 in
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