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Tec 7 Vaporizers are designed to deliver enflurane, isoflurane, halothane and sevoflurane anesthetic agents. 

Each agent-specific Tec 7 incorporates significant performance, convenience and ergonomic benefits with important safety features to help improve agent delivery and reliability while reducing overall operating costs. Designed for proficient performance, the Tec 7 Vaporizer provides accurate output throughout the clinical flow range. Easy turning dials and small graduations help fine tune anesthetic delivery over the full range of dial settings and flow rates. Tec 7 Vaporizers offer three filling options: the Datex-Ohmeda patent pending Easy-fil system, funnel fill, or Quik-Fil* (for sevoflurane only). The new Easy-fil system allows for easier, quicker and cleaner filling over the current key filler design.

Used with the Datex-Ohmeda Selectatec Manifold, the interlock design of the Tec 7 Vaporizer helps prevent simultaneous activation of more than one vaporizer. And, when the Tec 7 is turned off, it is isolated from the anesthesia machine’s gas circuits helping to eliminate agent carry-over and cross-contamination. The innovative non-spill system in the Tec 7 Vaporizer limits movement of liquid agent if the vaporizer is tilted or inverted. This protects its internal components and helps maintain output within clinically acceptable limits. 

The Tec 7 Vaporizer also includes the following additional features: an ergonomic dial release to allow either left or right hand operation; and a prismatic sight glass for clear indication of liquid agent level. The Tec 7 Vaporizer has a three year warranty and is Planned Factory Service Free, which helps lower ownership costs and eliminates the logistical challenges associate with the return of vaporizers to the factory.

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a year ago
Tec 7 service manual
Is there a copy of the service manual ( not user/maintenance ) for Datex Ohmeda Tec 7 Vaporizers Thanks Reply


3 years ago
Tec 7 Tec 6
What is the PM and Frequency of PM's for the Tec 6 and Tec 7Reply


-Christine Freche
3 years ago
Ohmeda Tec 7 Sevoflurane Vaporizer
I need an operating manual for the above device. Reply


Height9.9 in
Length 8.3 in
Weight15.4 lbs Dry
Width4.5 in

Additional Specifications

Flow Rate Range: 200ml/min-15 l/min

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