Smiths Medical - Medfusion 3500
Manufactured by Smiths Medical

The Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump is an ambulatory syringe pump that runs on either AC current or on rechargeable internal batteries.

Syringe infusion pumps deliver small doses of medication from a variety of syringe sizes in acute care settings.   
The Medfusion® 3500 syringe pump is designed to enhance safety while maintaining simplicity to deliver individualized care to patients of all ages. For more than 15 years the Medfusion® syringe pump platform has been recognized for its accurate medication delivery in critical care and the operating room.



a month ago
Force Sensor Calibration
During PM activities, the force sensor check failed and the pump recommended recaling the force sensor. However, when doing so, the instument cannot achieve a count within the max (554) and min (390) limits for the high standard. Has anyone experienced this same problem; if so, could it be repaired inhouse or must the system be sent in to the vendor for a sensor replacement? Thank you.Reply


-lincoln Hospital
2 months ago
Primary Audible alarm post
Self test pass Goes into Biomed failure. How to reset or repair Primary Audible alarm Post.Reply


3 months ago
FYI - McKesson Syringe's
The McKesson syringe's are really Terumo syringes. There's no option in the menu for McKesson, but set it to #3 Termo and it will work.Reply
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Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump


  1. The Medfusion® 3500 auto-default feature promotes your facility’s policies and procedures for medication administration and safety.   
  2. From the moment the pump is powered on, the pump defaults to use the established drug protocols set by your hospital’s pharmacists, so that nursing staff are able to quickly start an infusion with the safety of drug libraries supporting them.   
  3. Hard and soft limits set by your Pharmacist, for each drug and profile, protect against medication errors regardless of your patient’s size or where in the hospital they are receiving care.   
  4. FlowSentry™ monitor provides unmatched pressure sensing technology for earlier clinical intervention.   
  5. Automatically detects various syringe types and sizes, from 1mL to 60mL. A compatible syringe list can be updated to current syringe models from major manufacturers.   
  6. Ergonomic, easy-to-use, horizontal design helps protect the entire syringe barrel and allows single-handed loading of the syringe.   
  7. The large screen, , features high visibility TALLman lettering that displays the full drug name to differentiate look-alike, sound-alike drug names and concentrations.   


Flow Accuracy2 %
Infusion Pump TypeAmbulatory

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Smiths Medical - Medfusion 3500

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