Scienscope Microscopes - CMO-PK2F
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E-Series 0-45 Degree Tilting Head, Track Stand

The Scienscope CMO-PK2E microscope of the E-series is a Parallel Zoom Stereo microscope with a track stand, capable of 4 inch vertical travel. The unit has a dual LED illuminated track stand that uses transmitted and reflected light.     The binocular microscope is equipped with a Tilting/Ergo Head which can tilt up to 45 degrees and rotate at 180 degrees. With 78 mm of working distance, the Scienscope CMO-PK2E also comes with eyepieces capable of 10x magnification and 1:6 zoom body (0.8x-5x). Similar to all models of the E-series, the Scienscope CMO-PK2E microscope can be upgraded to a Trinocular or Video Camera Port microscope.

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Microscope TypeStereo
Field of view57.5 to 9.2 mm
Eyepiece Magnification10x
Viewing HeadBinocular
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