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The clearest view of rectal anatomy.

One of the world's most versatile probes for transrectal examinations.


  1. Investigating the anal sphincter
  2. Investigating the rectal wall
  3. Preoperative staging
  4. Intraoperative capabilities

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5 years ago
1850 IMAGING 3/D ON HAWK 2102
Does an 1850 image 3/D on a hawk 2102?Reply
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Full 360° Transverse Image

  • Complete, transverse view without having to move the handle.

Interchangeable Transducer Tips to Suit all Examinations

  • Frequency range from 4.0 - 10.0 MHz.
  • Multifrequency for improved resolution


Length 590 mm

Additional Specifications

Frequency range 4-10 MHz
Focal range (typical) 10-60 mm
Sector angle360º
Transducer tips
8539: 4.0 MHz,diameter 13 mm
6004: 10.0 MHz,diameter 13 mm
6005: 5.0, 7.0, 10.0 MHz, diameter 13 mm

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